Month: March 2016

Top Pros and Cons of Using Windows 10 for Your Business

Previously, we had discussed in detail the benefits of using Apple products for business, and today we will take a close look at the advantages and flaws of using Windows 10 for enterprises. For more than four decades now, Microsoft’s Windows OS has ruled individual and business computing across the globe by gaining the trust Read More

Noteworthy Crowdfunding Campaigns Running In March 2016

Do you need funds to make your dream venture come true? Raising money to fund projects of your choice as entrepreneurs, aspiring filmmakers, or as head of a nonprofit organization has now become easy with crowdfunding options. Projects that belong to diverse categories – art, music, theater, technology, publishing, fashion, food, journalism, philanthropy, film and Read More

The Fight For The Survival of The Red Wolf in North Carolina Continues. Lawsuit against USFWS Launched

With fewer than 50 red wolves in existence in North Carolina, the Center for Biological Diversity is battling head on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service with a lawsuit against for violating the Endangered Species Act’s mandate to conserve protected red wolves and to implement a recovery program to ensure their survival and recovery in the Read More

Twitter’s Ten Year Long Journey – From Dorsey's First #twttr to #tmr

Ten years ago on 21st March 2016, Jack Dorsey published the very first Tweet, and this was way before Twitter even became a thing! The micrologging site was launched for the public on July 15, 2006. Although it’s not the official birthday of Twitter as incorrectly celebrated by many, It is a milestone worth celebrating! Read More

Good Bye TweetDeck for Windows

A rather big announcement was made by Twitter a couple of days ago. The social networking service stated that as of 15th April, it will no longer support the TweetDeck windows app. PC users who used the dashboard application for managing their Twitter accounts will now have to rely on TweetDeck’s web version. So far, Read More

Does Closing Apple Apps extend your battery life?Not Necessarily

Our smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, in fact, at times, they feel as if they are an extension of ourselves. We can customize their look and color to fit our own personal styles; they serve as our planners, calendars, to-do lists, contact lists, and alarm clocks. We use them to check Read More