Good Bye TweetDeck for Windows

A rather big announcement was made by Twitter a couple of days ago. The social networking service stated that as of 15th April, it will no longer support the TweetDeck windows app. PC users who used the dashboard application for managing their Twitter accounts will now have to rely on TweetDeck’s web version. So far, Twitter has not revealed any strong reasons behind this decision. However, Amy Zima, the project manager has stated in a blog post that the company is merely trying to enhance user experience. Although Twitter’s website no longer sports the download option for the application, it is not clear if the app will stop working altogether after April 15th. Experts are also assuming that the app may still function, but it will not receive any updates.


What does it mean for the users?

TweetDeck is mainly designed for the power users. However, experts believe that this push towards its web version will end up disappointing those loyal users who came to love the application’s grid-like view that makes it easier to organize notifications, mentions and lists. This, however, is not the first time Twitter has done something like this. Even in the past, we have seen how the social media network consolidated TweetDeck by killing applications for Android and iOS so that more features can be brought to fewer platforms.


What about the other browsers?

Despite the discontinuation of the desktop app for Windows, TweetDeck will continue to be supported on Mac. The Mac App Store still hosts the app. Windows users can make the web version of the app more accessible from their computers. All they have to do is pin the app to the taskbar. The shutdown of the Windows app does not mean that Twitter is ignoring TweetDeck. Some developments took place, and new features have been added. Some of these new features also include things like group direct message, TweetDeck Teams, along with new search filters for finding Periscopes, GIFs and Vines.


What alternatives can you use after Twitter kills TweetDeck for Windows?

The TweetDeck app for windows surely had some unique features that made it so popular among users. It allowed users to log into multiple accounts at a time, and browse through multiple feeds. It can also be used to connect to Facebook. Now that the Windows app will be discontinued, users have to worry about the inconvenience of using the web version. However, you can solve this problem by using the alternatives, some of which even offer superior features! Here are some of the TweetDeck alternatives you can consider:



This is a Chrome app that you can bookmark to your desktop. It has a compact interface that lets you view more tweets on the desktop, and it also has 4 visible columns. The new tweet box remains permanently open on top of the interface, allowing you to write and post tweets quickly. Supports multiple social accounts such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on.



This app is only available for Windows desktop. It has a clean and modern feel and functions smoothly on Windows 7. New tweet box is permanently open at the bottom of the interface, allowing easy tweeting. When you click username, it opens a separate window displaying your profile and recent activity on the social platform.



This application is a lot similar to TweetDeck’s original features and overall experience. You can open multiple accounts through this app. You have the option to keep the new tweet box either on top or at the bottom of the interface. The interface is highly customizable and has a number of useful features.


These are the top 3 alternatives for TweetDeck’s Windows app. Check them out and see which one fits you the best!

Source: Twitter

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