Noteworthy Crowdfunding Campaigns Running In March 2016

Do you need funds to make your dream venture come true? Raising money to fund projects of your choice as entrepreneurs, aspiring filmmakers, or as head of a nonprofit organization has now become easy with crowdfunding options. Projects that belong to diverse categories – art, music, theater, technology, publishing, fashion, food, journalism, philanthropy, film and video making can all be set up for crowdfunding. Websites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, SeedInvest and many more offer great platforms where you can showcase your project and launch a crowdfunding campaign. Your project gets wide exposure to site visitors, some of whom might find your project interesting, and be willing to donate.


The crowdfunding sites do not charge you upfront, but you have to pay them a certain percentage of the fund value when the entire fund is collected or when a certain sum has been raised. In addition, you have to pay credit card processing charges. Rewards and recognition schemes for donors are also included in the fundraising schemes to encourage donors. Crowdfunding has given a boost to creative enterprise even beyond business. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the most compelling and mentionable crowdfunding campaigns that are currently being hosted on various platforms. These creative and innovative ventures have the potential of becoming the most happening things of our times.


Reports from the Race against Climate Change by National Observer

It is time to give back to Mother Nature! National Observer, the award-winning online news publication has launched its latest campaign “Reports from the race against climate change” on Kickstarter under the category of environmental causes. National Observer is a journalistic group in Canada that focuses on nature and covers issues about the protection of wild animals and the environment. The team comprises of journalists who have been rewarded in Canada for their excellence in journalism in the recent years successively in 2012, 2014 and 2015. Issues concerning the environment will be tracked and highlighted so that it can be brought to the notice of all concerned for quick action. The funds will be utilized for investigative reporting that involves considerable cost and time. 21st April 2016 is the date by which at least $60,000 CAD has to be pledged to fulfill the funding requirement.


8tracks Raises over $30 Million in crowdfunding

Radio listeners must be familiar with 8tracks, the startup social internet radio company that has a huge community following. The company hosted their campaign on SeedInvest under the music category with plans of raising $30 million. The good news is that 30,000 community members, who are ready to pick up a tiny fraction of equity by putting in $1,000, have assured the fund. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) clear the investment. The specialty of the 8tracks is to let users legally stream musical playlists that are created by people who know and love. The company wants to expand its reach to more music labels by signing deals with music companies and enter into new licensing deals for international streaming.


oombrella – unforgettable umbrella by wezzoo

Wezzoo, a Paris-based social organization that is engaged in providing services related to weather, is out in the market to raise funds for a unique weather sensing umbrella that they intend to launch in the market by October 2016. Their crowdfunding project is being hosted on Kickstarter under the category of wearable technology and has already crossed the half way mark on their goal of collecting €59,000. The sum has to be collected by 19 April 2016 to make it viable. The umbrella that has been named “oombrella” is unique in its ability to forecast rain so that you can always carry it with you and save yourself from getting wet. The umbrella is quite sturdy and wind resistant so that you are always protected from rain. The umbrella is capable of tracking the weather as well as all your activity.


Save a Girl by Open Circles Foundation

The project “Save a Kamlari girl” of Open Circles Foundation, a non-profit organization that works for empowering the under privileged people of the world, has received an overwhelming response from people around the world. The project, currently being hosted on Indiegogo under the category of education, had set a goal of collecting €1,000EUR. Amazingly it has collected €43,321EUR in just six days.

Girls are sold as slaves at a tender age in a remote place of Nepal that reels under abject poverty. To stop this practice, Open Circles Foundation wants to empower the children by giving them education, which is the only weapon to fight slavery and sexual abuse. Only education can make the children realize their true potential that can protect them from the horrific experiences.


Code 8 – a film from Robbie & Stephen Amell

Aspiring filmmakers Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell have taken recourse to crowdfunding on Indiegogo under the film category to raise money for Code 8, their first feature film. The duo has made a trailer for the film to highlight their capabilities and impress fans whom they expect to donate generously. The movie is an intense action thriller with the cast being led by Stephen and Robbie Amell fighting the superpowers, cops and robots. Despite having a month left to fulfill the goal of collecting, at least, $200,000, the filmmakers have received an overwhelming response. A sum of $253,054 has already been collected in just three days.


Empowerment Challenge by Cathedral Center

Milwaukee’s renowned social service organization The Cathedral Center is known for its efforts in empowering women and families who have to flee homes under duress. Their latest project “Empowerment Challenge” has been launched on razoo under the category of charitable fundraiser with a target of raising $100,000. The funds are essential to change the lives of women and families who do not have a shelter of their own so that they can be part of the mainstream society. The services are extended to those who are in distress in three distinct phases — before they are given shelter, during their stay, and even after they have moved to a safe place. The funds will be used to provide them a safe environment followed by providing homes, helping to improve personal skills and earn more. They can re-invent themselves and go ahead in life without the scars of the unhappy past.


These six crowdfunding campaigns, hosted on diverse platforms, are gaining massive recognition and support from people all around the world. Each of these campaigns has the objective to make a difference, and they are getting closer to realizing their goal with the help of the generous donations. Stay tuned to get more crowdfunding news and updates!

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