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Instagram, the photo and video sharing social networking service, offers businesses a great marketing platform. Brands all over the world are using short videos and high resolution images to promote themselves and to enhance customer experience. Now creative marketers have the opportunity to take their marketing game to the next level. Hippo Pics, “the world’s first collaborative photo gallery”, is now available on iOS. The app, which is developed by Elizabeth Pritts, connects editors and photographers to create inspiring and beautiful photo collaborations.

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Small businesses usually don’t have the financial strength to buy industry leading photo editing software. However, that does not mean that the startups have lesser avenues to get photos and images processed for their websites, social media platforms, or offline media. Apps like Hippo Pics offer these businesses a great opportunity to get photos and images edited by the pros without having to spend a buck! Instagram, as a social media platform, is already one of the sought after marketing channels. Offering this new app is only going to increase its usefulness for businesses.


How does the app work?

As it is mentioned before, right now the app is only available on iOS, and it connects the user to the best Instagram editors. If you want your images and photos to be edited in a particular style, all you have to do is provide your input, and the editors will get the job done! You can also browse through the creations and collection of other users’ to get tips and inspirations. You can start viewing the works of Hippo’s best editors soon after downloading the app. To see how much they have improved the original image, all you have to do is tap and hold the image, and both the photos will appear on screen. This way you will get to see the different stages of the editing process.


However, Hippo Pics have strict guidelines on what sort of photos you can get them to edit. For example, the expert editors do not accept blurry food photos or selfies, and the app also has a zero tolerance policy against stolen images/photos. So, think twice before passing off some other user’s clicks as your own. To get the best editing work, you have to submit the very best unedited photo. Creative portraits, landscapes and architecture photography get the expert editors’ creative juices flowing! You can find more information on photo submission guidelines on the app’s Instagram page.


What are the unique features of Hippo Pics?

Hippo Pics offers a number of unique features. The application claims to be the best photo collaborative platform where you get to connect with the very best editors on Instagram. While it may sound like a tall claim, the images themselves speak volumes about the quality of the app and its editors. Let us look at some of the features that this app offers:


Browse through collaborations: If you are curious about the kind of editing work the Hippo editors do, all you have to is visit the homepage of the app and browse through the different collaborations. The editors have a real talent for turning boring and bland photographs into fascinating works of art! You can even get them to create funny images that will add a bit of humor in your brand message. And the best part? You can get the editor of your choice to work on your photos. You can check out their previous creations and make your decision accordingly.


Like, share and comment collaborations: If you are moved by a photo, you can let your admiration be known. You can tap on the heart button to “like” the photo, and leave a comment to show your support. You can also interact with the editor one-on-one by tapping on the edit. Lastly, the app lets you share the edited photos to your own photo library. You can also text message the photo through Instagram or any other platform.


Submit your images for editing: Uploading photos on Hippo Pics is real easy. You have to give the app permission to access your Instagram photo gallery. Now you have to wait and see what the talented editors do with your image. Whenever an editor submits the edited image, you will be notified via a push message. You will be able to check out your collaborations on the profile tab.


Want to get in on the creative fun? Hippo Pics may also let you become an editor. If you have the skills of photo editing, all you have to do is apply or send an email to the team by explaining why you should be given the opportunity. You would also have to provide your portfolio or Instagram profile. Stay tuned for more updates and news.

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