New Facebook Features That Enhance Customer and Brand Engagement

Improving user engagement is high on Facebook agenda, and it drives the company’s innovation spree. New features are being added at frantic pace to make the social media platform more user-friendly. But Facebook does not just stop at innovations. The company does not mind borrowing or acquiring features from other platforms to thwart competitors. Experts have claimed that the social media giant has had plenty of inspirations from Snapchat. Over the course of past few months, Facebook has introduced a slew of features to better connect brands and customers on real-time basis, allowing marketers the opportunity to reach out to their target audience more efficiently.


The Snapchat connection:

Facebook Messenger now sports a feature that lets you scan codes when adding a new friend to the chat list. A dedicated Snapchat user will find this “new” feature quite familiar since it has existed on Snapchat for long. Everyone knows about the rivalry between Facebook and Snapchat. Ever since the latter started gaining recognition for its uniqueness, Facebook started trying to undermine its popularity. When most of their attempts failed, the company resorted to copying what is arguably the best feature on Snapchat.


The Messaging platform has been quite effectively used for business interactions. The latest introduction of Messenger codes that is visible at the right-hand corner at the top of the Messenger app will now make it convenient to connect with other people by making it easy to start conversations with Pages that are branded.


Short URLs for Messenger Links

To speed up the process of starting a message thread, businesses can now use short URLs for Messenger Links. The username of a Page is used to create a short link which when clicked connects to the firm to start a conversation thread.


Enticing people to connect

Marketing channels including websites and advertisements can now insert Messenger Codes and Messenger Links that prompts people to engage in direct conversation with the business. You can download the Messenger Code images in the inbox of your Page. Customizable notes in the form of Messenger Greetings allow starting the conversation on a friendly note besides hinting at the types of messages that should be expected.

Discovering live video made easy

Live Facebook videos on Trending topics can now be identified easily as it is now included in the page of search results for these subjects. The live video is marked with a flag for easy tracking. Keep your latest business developments captured in videos and draw attention during searches. Live videos have improved real-time engagement with the target audience. Searching Live Video destination with Facebook’s mobile app has now become more convenient. You can view the different videos across Facebook by typing the right keywords into the search bar located at the top of the screen. But only the videos that have been shared with you will be visible.


Facebook live has new features

Live video exchange has already been made easy with Facebook Live that was introduced recently. The latest feature — Going Live gives wonderful opportunities of broadcasting live videos to the selected Facebook Groups and events. This feature will give a shot in the arm for business promotion and marketing activities.


Facebook is now visible to the visually impaired.

Marketers now have the opportunity of reaching out to more people as Facebook is now accessible to the visually impaired individuals. A smart AI will describe content so that even blind people can enjoy connectivity through Facebook. Using the object recognition technology, the screen readers of iOS devices will convert the swiped photos into textual description known as Automatic alternative text that would briefly describe the features of the photo.


Facebook is nowhere near stopping in its tracks. It would be exciting to see what the social media site has in store for entrepreneurs. Stay tuned for more updates on the latest technology and gadgets.


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