Newest Facebook Features for Entrepreneurs in 2016

With over 1 billion daily users and its messenger now surpassing 900 million profiles, Facebook has become impossible to ignore. The role it plays in modern communication and commerce is constantly improving thanks to its innovative features. Below we list the newest Facebook features for entrepreneurs in 2016.

  1. New Usernames and Messenger Codes

Earlier this month, Facebook Messenger launched cool new features so users can find and contact you easier than ever before. Firstly, usernames now appear on your profile with an @ symbol behind the title (i.e. @rprnmag). Users are now able to search for anyone by typing the @ symbol before their name. Secondly, they’ve created unique codes that people can scan directly from their camera phone. In the past, users have struggled to find profiles with the search bar. These codes assure users that they are connected with the right person. It also simplifies the whole “friend request” process and eliminates the task of figuring out how to spell a friend’s name. Facebook has purposely made these codes sleek and stylish for mass appeal. Messenger Codes will soon be integrated into virtually every aspect of business. Big corporations will place the code on billboards and entrepreneurs will have it on business cards.

  1. New Live Video Features

Since launching Facebook Live last year, entrepreneurs have been able to publish live footage without worrying about manually uploading. With this feature, video is broadcasted live and continues until the host ends the session. There is now the option to go live with a designated Facebook group or those attending an event. If you’re part of a group on Facebook, going live can help cultivate strong relationships with other members. Moreover, going live during events is a great way to get your audience involved and motivate them to attend future occasions. Facebook claimed that users are a lot more engaged in videos that are live compared to traditional vid uploads. This feature also gives viewers an increased sense of communication by allowing them to post live reactions as they watch. Facial expressions displaying looks of happiness, anger and other emotions can be selected throughout the live session. This lets the entrepreneur know how users are responding at different times during the broadcast. They’ve also launched a set of 5 live filters where entrepreneurs have more inventive ways to personalize the appearance of live sessions. Viewers are able to invite friends that may be interested in a live video and an option called, “dedicated place” allows users to see trending videos, find videos of interest or join in live on their favorite sessions. Entrepreneurs also can now view video analytics and browse the vast network of lively folks across the world via Facebook Live Map.

  1. New Messenger Greetings

Facebook has also announced a new feature called messenger greetings to enhance communication between customers and entrepreneurs. These fully customizable greetings is text in a new message thread that welcomes guests and reveals any information that may be of value to them. Similar to a greeter at a store or restaurant, this new feature sets the mood and establishes professional rapport with visitors.

Artwork by Val Britton – Facebook HQ

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