Twitter New Direct Message Improvements

 Twitter  in its pursuit to attract more people to the microblogging platform has focused on developing new features in the past year,  and one of the latest changes released in April 2016 includes the “message button”. This new feature makes it easy for users to post their tweets via the direct message option. The direct message option has already created a buzz for facilitating private conversations on Twitter, and this new message button is only going to make it more popular.


Twitter has been able to impact the lives of people by providing real time information about what is happening around the world. Whether it is about the Arab Spring, or about the emergency landing of an aircraft in Hudson Bay, the social media platform has been a pioneer in keeping people connected with what is happening now at different corners of the world. But it did not stop at just that. The social media platform has proved to be a great marketing channel for businesses. From startups to large conglomerates, companies around the world use Twitter for promoting their brands.
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Twitter has always had the primary objective of offering more convenience to users so that they can create, communicate, share and connect much more easily. The company keeps a close watch on users needs, and analyzes their findings to offer new creative opportunities that can delight users. So, the real question is, is the new message button feature going to be useful for businesses?


The message button – way to offer better customer service:

Changes in user behavior and expectations have always been closely scrutinized, and this has prompted Twitter to provide space for private conversation on this public platform. Thus emerged the feature Direct Messages that allow sharing Tweets privately. The person you want to have a private communication with is alerted about the Tweet through a push notification. This has prompted brands to use this feature to interact with their followers and customers. The direct message allows companies to improve customer service through direct communication.


Moreover, sharing a Tweet from the timeline using Direct Message has been made simpler by providing a Message button, which is the latest feature added by the social media platform. Users can now just tap the Tweet to drive it into the private domain without any fuss. The objective is to enrich the conversations that have already been supported by many other features stated earlier in this article. Updating your smartphone app is just what you have to do to enjoy the new features. This new feature is currently available in iOS and Android phones.


Encouraging creativity

A brand needs to be creative in its marketing approach. Posting dull and drab content is not going to entice followers. To help the marketer’s creativity, Twitter has been continuously working to provide a unique experience of Tweeting that goes beyond text. Features like posting multiple photos, as well as using emojis, GIFs, and videos have provided more opportunities of expressing oneself on the platform. So, from now, your tweets don’t need to be too serious all the time. You can try the different features to add a bit of fun element to your message for your audience.


Hitting the bull’s eye

That Twitter has struck the right chord with Direct Messages is evident in its increased popularity. Users have lapped up the opportunity of communicating in private as the second half of 2015 witnessed a 200 percent growth in private Tweets, which is really stupendous. It appears that these new features are here to impress the regular audience as well as businesses. Smart marketers can make use of these features to reach newer heights of success!


Stay tuned for more updates and information on the latest happenings in the world of social media and technology. Let us know your thoughts on the latest Twitter features!

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