A Look Back at April’s Crowdfunding: From Wood Watches to Chimps

Crowdfunding refers to the practice of raising funds through monetary contributions made by a large number of people. Since the advent of the Internet, online crowdfunding has given this alternative finance system a new shape by giving different campaigns a global exposure. Furthermore, platforms such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe and Indigogo have revolutionized online crowdfunding. These websites have helped dreams come true, and projects become successful. A number of noteworthy crowdfunding projects have been hosted in the month of April, 2016. However, here we are going to take a look at the projects that are focused toward environmental and social goodwill.


konifer watches
konifer watches

KARBON Watch: Customizable Wood & Stainless Steel Watches by Konifer Watch


Konifer is known for its stylish wooden watches, sunglasses and accessories. However, other than their unique products, the company is also known for their environmental causes. On their website, it says “For Each Watch Sold We Plant A Tree”. Now the brand is in talks for its latest crowdfunding campaign that is being hosted on Kickstarter. Konifer is currently working on a line of high fashion watches that are made of wood and metal. The company is offering a number of stainless steel finishes and wood essence to choose from. The project started with the highest target of $15,000, and has already acquired $67,907. Only seven more days left for the campaign to close. If you are interested, donate today!

Fundraiser for Recovery & Helping the Homeless by Rat Park Foundation

Helping the homeless @ratparkfdn

Rat Park Foundation, the non-profit organization, aims at promoting health by raising awareness and spreading education. Since their inception, the NGO has strived to help those in need. Their latest efforts are directed towards helping the homeless and the addicted. Currently being hosted on Indigogo, this project started with a goal of $10,000USD, and it has raised $2,030USD, about 20% of the target so far. The campaign will close after 3 days. If you are inspired, you would need to make your donation soon!

The Lycan Powerbox – Ready When You Aren’t! by Renogy

Renogy, the renewable energy company, has been known for providing the highest quality of LED and solar products. Now they are trying to bring a brand new product that is not only convenient, but is also environmentally friendly. The Lycan Powerbox is the innovative generator that is powered by solar energy, and it comes with interchangeable battery. Being the first of its kind, this solar powered generator has created a lot of buzz. The crowdfunding campaign is being hosted on Indigogo, and was set up with the target of $75,000USD. Fortunately, the campaign has received a massive support from people as it has already exceeded its target and has raised $79,009 USD, 105% of the target amount. Renogy has 9 more days to raise more funds!

Save the Abandoned Chimps by the Humane Society of the United States

Humane Society of the United States is the largest animal protection organization of the United States. The NGO and its affiliates provide care and hands-on services to over 100,000 animals every year. Now they are raising their voice through the crowdfunding campaign that seeks to help the 60 chimpanzees that were abandoned in Liberia, Africa on 5th March, 2015 by the New York Blood Center. These chimps have been left in serious danger of starvation and dehydration. The campaign that is being hosted on Indigogo has the target of $480,000, and it has acquired $282,973 over a span of 11 months. Make your donation to save the adorable chimps of Liberia!

MATW Africa Project by Ali Banat

MATW or Muslims Around the World is a special project that was first developed back in October 2015 by Ali Banat to assist the less fortunate and poverty stricken people of Togo, Africa. Ali Banat is an active member of the Australian Muslim Community, and he found the motivation to help the people of Togo after he was recently diagnosed with cancer. The campaign is being hosted on GoFundMe, and has the target amount of $200,000. Thanks to the generation donations, $173,201 has been raised already. If you want to make your contribution, visit the website today!

These are few of the most attention-worthy crowdfunding campaigns of April, 2016. Stay tuned for updates and crowdfunding related news!


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