The World's First Edible Six-Pack Rings Coming to Your Supermarket Soon

For as long as we can remember, traditional plastic holders and other forms of plastic instruments have been the drink industry’s standard. Over the years, plastic has become one of the most scrutinized items on the market due to environmental concerns. In addition, the threat that it poses to wildlife and animals have become of primary importance. Despite the popular belief that recreational drinkers of alcohol are not stressing this issue, workers at Saltwater Brewery have developed one of the most innovative devices to date. The brewery out of Hillsborough County, Florida are now selling six packs equipped with an exclusive edible ring that binds the cans together. They are currently the only producer of this item and Katelyn Perkins, PR Manager from Saltwater Brewery, told RPRNmag that they have been “talking with numerous major breweries who expressed interest in the product.”  She said that “these edible rings are completely biodegradable and compostable so even if they are not consumed by marine life, they will naturally disintegrate.” Furthermore, she said to RPRNmag, “We have produced 500 of the edible can rings to date and are still perfecting the product. We plan to go into full production within 6 months and produce 400,000 of them at that time.”

Register.comJust last year, over 6 billion gallons of beer was consumed in the U.S. alone; 50% coming from aluminum cans. The conventional plastic rings that are used to store six packs generally find their way into the oceans. Marine Biologist, Mark Tokulka, claimed that an estimated 1 million sea birds and 100,000 sea turtles and marine mammals from around the world become entrapped in plastic or die from plastic consumption. This is why Saltwater Brewery wanted to create a sustainable alternative that would be deemed completely harmless for animal consumption. The ring is made from the excess barley and wheat lemons left over from the brewing process and compresses them into 100% biodegradable six pack holders. Although many consumers may take the time to cut the plastic rings into tiny pieces, animals and other sea life manage to eat them regardless. Chris Gove, President of Saltwater Brewery stated in the company’s promotional video that, “We want to influence the big guys and kind of inspire them to also get on board.” This is because one of the biggest issues right now is the cost of production which will drop to a more competitive rate once larger entities co-sign with the idea. Additionally, because the brewery’s target audience are mainly fishermen, surfers and people who are passionate about the sea, these new edible six pack rings are resonating with the locals while gaining national attention. This solution makes the six pack ring not only edible and eco-friendly but strong enough to hold the weight of heavy cans.

Saltwater Brewery is the first company in history to introduce a 100% biodegradable packaging technology into the beer industry. The device is equally efficient and resistant to that of traditional plastic ring holders but will save hundreds of thousands of vulnerable marine creatures each year. Customers don’t seem to mind paying a little extra for the updated technology. One fellow beer drinker claimed in the video” its worth the price considering how much of an impact it will have on the environment.” The brewery already has a devoted following of beer drinkers that are enthused over their small supplier’s innovative breakthrough. Team members are pleased over the results and hope that it will influence bigger breweries to catch on and adopt their own edible rings.

Environmental solutions are merging into virtually every aspect of life leaving no industry untouched. Beer drinkers and breweries are now on the cusp causing one small brewery out of South Florida to put their best foot forward in developing the world’s first 100% edible, biodegradable and compostable six pack rings.

What do you think of this edible six-packs ring? Would you be willing to pay more for your beer to protect the environment?

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