Month: June 2016

How to Cut Healthcare Costs Without Compromising Benefits

We all have heard the old saying An apple a day keeps the doctor away but unfortunately, it isn’t the case. And with medical costs going through the roof small businesses are feeling the pinch. Regardless of the entity’s size, many businesses want and have to offer healthcare benefits for their employees. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) Read More

As the Public Mourns Orlando Shooting, Anti-gun Startups are on High Alert

A look at a handful of startups that have been serving communities and families of victims who have experienced mass shootings firsthand. Read More

Facebook Introduces 360 Photos

For the past ten years, Facebook users have been sharing photos of their kids, cats, dogs, food they’re about to eat and family vacations. Literally,Hundreds of millions of photos are shared on Facebook each day by all. It’s a phenomenal visual display of photos ranging from the mediocre to acceptable.  Businesses have shared candid snapshots Read More

The Price of Bitcoins Dramatically Increased in May by 20%

Bitcoin’s prices have skyrocketed in the month of May appreciating nearly 20% and surpassing $500 per token for the first time in 2 years. Despite members of the crypto community criticizing the pay reduction of professional mining services, investors from across the nation are yet again recognizing Bitcoin’s potential. Data research indicates that this is Read More


Comfy Keeps Us Cool Raises $12 Million in Series B Funding

Comfy™, a SASA for real estate announced today that it  raised $12 million in Series B funding for building automation software that saves companies energy cost on office air conditioning while analysing and making use of employee-contributed data about the use, preference and physical occupancy of their workspace. The latest round of financing was led by Read More

Bitcoin Startup, ‘BitQuick’ Acquired by ATM Platform

Bitcoin has been going through a lot of changes structurally that has altered the way in which it operates. The early crypto-pioneer that launched in 2008 with their one of a kind, “block chain,” has recently transitioned to a new ATM platform making it easier for consumers to access their currency. In the midst of Read More