Heero: Design Team Has Device that Can Monitor and Control Electronics Remotely


Have you ever felt worried about leaving a 3D printer unsupervised? You could turn your car around and right your wrongs, but you’re already on the freeway…late to see your girlfriend. Instead you choose to rationalize your decision, ‘What’s the worst that can go wrong? It’s not gonna’ hurt anyone.’ Suddenly you feel relieved take a deep breath and think to yourself, ‘I wish I could just watch it from where I am.’

heero&standSay no more!

The Australian-based company, Guzu Inventions, has recently developed a household ‘Heero’ to save you from those electronic hiccups out of necessity. Tim Mobbs, CEO, and Founder of the firm said,” Heero came to fruition because we were tired of consistently not being able to leave our printers run while away from the office. Heero solves a time, power and material wastage probable that prototyping and DIY’ers have experienced frequently.” Heero is scheduled to go in production in the Fall of 2016 but to keep the price of the final product as low as possible, Guzu is raising funds on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform.

Guzu Inventions’  Kickstarter Campaign currently has 141 backers and has raised close to $20,000 towards the target of $73,445 goal by August 24th. The device itself is a camera with an integrated microphone that can communicate with your electronics. It allows you to monitor and control your electronics while you’re away. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the job or at Starbucks, this innovative technology grants complete access to turn on and off your devices. The built-in wide-angle camera gives viewers a detailed look through the eyes of a Heero. Moreover, the integrated microphone enables you to verbally intervene in times of a dire situation. No, we don’t mean verbally intervene with your electronics. If that was the case, we’d be the terminator! Instead, you can remind your baby daughter that she has only has 10 minutes of TV left before bedtime or politely yell at your dog to stop peeing on the carpet. For businesses and entrepreneurs, the instrument is ideal for saving time and energy to improve productivity and completion of milestones. What’s beautiful about this is it can be easily accessed and managed through your smartphone.

The ‘head’ of Heero is a small triangular camera with magnets that can be mounted on a tripod, desktop or any other stand of your choice. The standard ‘Heero Body’ (with cape) can be used or you can print your own body.  It can be positioned where you need it and easily moved around. It has worldwide power control with up to 15 Amps current (110V/15A & 240V/10A). The RGB LEDs are built to illuminate video location and produce an ambiance. There is also a built-in slot for SD Cards to regulate your 3D printer and TIME LAPSE function.

3D Printing at home and the office is a growing trend.

3D printing technology is a growing trend among engineers and design enthusiasts. Director of Technology Research, Adrienne Downey, says that 3D printers are ‘starting a manufacturing revolution’ accounting for nearly $1.4 billion in revenue for 2015. The uses and applications of 3D printing have become so universally practical that it’s forecasted to reach $6.5 billion this year alone. This technology isn’t just limited to manufacturing either. Artists and other creative thinkers may have a 3D printer in their home for personal use. However, it’s rather meticulous nature consisting of precise cutting, shaping and sizing are prone to errors if not constantly monitored. Heero to the rescue!


A small team of 5 designers from the Australian-based company, Guzu Inventions, created their own solution to monitor their 3D prints remotely. 3D printers do have the tendency to stick, peel, or get jammed which is why they require constant supervision. But who has the time or motivation to constantly supervise a 3D printing experience? This is what led to the creation of Heero that would rescue them from technical errors, malfunctions, and wasted resources.


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