Apple Unveiled the Newest Lineup of Macbooks & More

In light of Microsoft’s product launch announcement, Apple was next in line revealing the specifics of their latest items. First off, there are the new MacBook Pros coming with either a 13 inch or 15 inch monitor. Their newest feature is called a ‘touch bar’ which is a touch sensitive display along the top of the laptop. In addition, there is the touch ID sensor security that allows only the user’s fingerprint to unlock their device. The other product was the Apple TV app which can be used on a user’s iPad or iPhone. This enables users to select a show of their choice and be directed to an app that can deliver the requested program. Let’s look at both of these items under a microscope.

MacBook Pro

There are two models that come with a 13 inch monitor and one with a 15 inch. The only difference is that the more expensive 13 inch has slightly more RAM and comes with the touch bar and touch ID. The touch bar essentially replaces the traditional function buttons with a few bonus features such as an emoji picker. Awesome! Additionally, it allows users to create application-specific interfaces. Right next to it, we find the Touch ID which is great for security and guests can even switch to their accounts using their own fingerprints as well. The laptops use a new USB-C standard called Thunderbolt 3. These 4 ports lets users plug virtually anything into the device but will obviously require adaptors for the fancy stuff! Overall, the new MacBook Pro is thinner and uses a lot less power. It looks really cool. It’s colors are more vivid with over 60% more brightness and contrast ratio. The battery is also said to hold a charging capacity of up to 10 hours. The 13 inch are $1499 or $1799 and the 15 inch is $2399 coming in either gray or black. Oh and don’t worry, there are headphone jacks!

Apple TV App

So there’s a difference between Apple TV and the TV App. The Apple TV and Siri allows users to gain a customized experience based on what they want to view. However, the TV App isn’t just limited to the Apple TV and works with iPhones and iPads. The app looks nearly identical to the iTunes store but unlike iTunes, sources the content from other apps already available. There are currently 8000 TV apps available and as we suspected, Netflix is not included. Oh well!

What did you guys think about these new announcements? The new touch ID is a cool feature don’t you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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