How you Like Them Apples?

Every September, Apple hosts their annual keynote conference in San Francisco, CA to reveal their newest products and updated features. This year was their 9th annual event and was held in the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in the heart of the city’s Civic Center community. It seemed to be a rather mellow turnout and focused more on additions to existing products rather than blowing their audience away with new innovative concepts and items. Given that this year was on the cusp of their event’s 10 year anniversary, perhaps Apple is building the suspense for much bigger surprises in 2017. Nevertheless, they did cover several topics that are worth mentioning and one of the more exciting revelations was the new iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Of course Apple had to update their iPhones but the appearance isn’t much different than the 2 previous models. However, the newest version does not have a headphone jack! Why?! Because they’ve introduced their updated wireless ‘airpod’ earbuds. This does alleviate the typical inconvenience that comes with tangled cords and wires. However, it does pose a risk for people that tend to lose small items easier than most. In addition, the iPhone 7 is water resistant and they’ve modified the device’s home button for easier use and ‘force sensitivity.’ We also can’t forget the new and improved internal dual-lens camera system that allows users to capture clear and crisp photos better than ever before.

Apple Watch Series 2

Similarly, there wasn’t anything spectacular in terms of design changes for the Apple Watch but they did include a GPS navigation system. This is perfect for the athletic niche that desire additional guidance while going on their daily jogs. The updated model is believed to be faster than older ones and is now water-resistant up to depths of 164 feet. Moreover, the popular Pokémon Go is now available for Apple Watch users. Gaming apps and other relevant software are other subjects that were brought to the table.

Apple Music and the App Store

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said at the event, “We’ve always had a deep love for music. It inspires us, and it’s a key part of our product experience.” Cook mentioned that 17 million users subscribed to Apple Music since last year and is excited to partner with trending music artists around the world. Additionally, Apple revealed that the famous Nintendo Character, Super Mario, will be available in the App Store. They also announced that they’ve released an updated version of iWork which focuses on educational applications. Over the years, Google and Microsoft have been the leading platforms in school settings by offering their affordable and easy to use Chromebook for students. In hopes of competing with their predecessors, iWork will now offer real-time collaboration enabling numerous people to work on documents and other presentations simultaneously.

Overall, it wasn’t a very exciting event and most of the ‘new’ features such as real-time collaboration and wireless headphones have been available from rival companies for quite some time. Still, it’s better late than never and we can only imagine what Apple programmers will have up their sleeves for next year’s event.

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