The Pet Industry Has been Unleashed in 2016!

The pet industry has taken off full speed and ditched its leash. In 2015, pet lovers all over America spent $60 billion on their precious pooch. Analysts predict sales hitting $90 billion in the next 3 years. Anywhere from pet grooming, pet sitting, pet walking and veterinary care are now front and center. There are also a number of innovative pet products that are revolutionizing the quality of life for canines and felines alike. Nothing can stop this upward trend. The industry is now abundant with brilliant entrepreneurs dedicated to the well-being of pets and pet owners.

Several Startups have been Taking Advantage of the Pet-Friendly Environment.

Rover-This platform has become a one-stop pet shop covering a wide range of services. Dog walking, dog day care, you name it. Earlier this month, they raised $40 million in a Series E Round totaling $90 million since launch. Founded almost 6 years ago in Seattle, the Rover App allows visitors to choose whether or not they’re a vendor or seeking pet services. Based on their preferences and location, Rover creates a personalized pet proposal. They even have Rover Cards that grants pet owners real-time information. For example, owners can monitor the live walking routes of their pets via GPS. Rover has emerged as the leading provider in modern dog sitting services with over 65,000 sitters and walkers nationwide.

PetSmartJogs For Dogs- This provider emphasizes the activity of dog walking and dog exercise. Jogs for Dogs recruits certified runners that will take your dog on a trip down a jogging path or through the neighborhood. Their app lets dog owners link up with potential runners before deciding on a chosen candidate. They too offer the ability of monitoring their runners in action via GPS. So whether you’re a dog runner or dog owner, the app is a cool medium that connects both parties. It also has pet sitting services and ways where owners can hire someone to ‘check in’ on their dogs while away.

Banfield Pet Hospital-You may be familiar with these setups but this provider is known for their ‘high-quality veterinary medicine‘ and care. Banfield offers low cost pet insurance that fit into 1 of 3 categories based on your pet’s age and needs. Owners are also able to modify their plan as their pet gets older. They offer immediate care in your immediate location while also servicing pets with preventative healthcare. Pets come in twice a year for their check up to assure that they are in tip top condition. They have over 900 locations in the US and Puerto Rico.

The western world is experiencing phenomenal growth in the pet industry and their seems to be no end in sight. Additionally, pets can now live the good life and owners have a better ease of mind knowing their pets are in good hands. What do you guys think of this trend? Do you know anyone that is in the industry? Could you see yourself becoming a service provider?

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