The Top 5 Tech Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs in 2016

It’s that time of the year again and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of sales on the latest tech products. Technology continues to become more personalized, convenient and versatile for the everyday business. Below we’ve listed some of the best gift ideas that would put anyone in the holiday spirit.

Entrepreneur Tech Gift  #1: Google Home for Home Business

Google Home is perfect for home business
Google Home is perfect for home business

In an era where technology becomes increasingly “smarter,” smart home systems such as Google Home optimize your daily activities. Assigned as a personal assistant, users are able to communicate with Google directly to ask questions, make requests, and adjust the settings of their household and or office. This sleek device is a great addition for those savvy entrepreneurs that work best in their pajamas or remotely from home. These are priced between $100-130.

Entrepreneur Tech Gift #2: Notti Smartphone Notification Light

We don’t know about you, but we have noticed that smartphones can be distracting if not managed properly. All of the alerts vibrations, noises, and flashing lights can take our focus off the ball. This smart light syncs with your smartphone and provides a soothing illumination with customized colors and other settings. The light can alert you of incoming messages, calls, emails updates, notifications and pulse to the beat of your favorite tunes. It hits the calming centers of any work environment allowing entrepreneurs to relax into that creative flow. Average retail price: $49.99.

Entrepreneur Tech Gift #3: Hp Pavillion Wave

The HP Pavilion Wave with Windows 10
The HP Pavilion Wave with Windows 10

What is commonly termed as the counterargument to traditional desktops, the Pavilion Wave packs a big punch created by yesterday and today’s tech champ Hewlett Packard. This triangular shaped tube is designed to save space and combine a plethora of features. It can be used as the entertainment center, speaker, microphone, and personal assistant via Cortana. Allowing users to plug up their AC adapter, SD Card, Ethernet, HDMI cord, USB and more, the Pavilion is an all-around player. It ranges from 8GB to 1TB of memory making this product much bigger than it looks. This gift ranges from $450-$679 depending on capacity and features.

Entrepreneur Tech Gift #4: M3D Micro 3D Printer

M3D co-fonders David Jones and Michael Armani
M3D co-founders David Jones and Michael Armani

The world of 3D printing is revolutionizing what people can do with print technology. This model is an affordable compact printer for people that want to create without the bulk. Its easy setup and flexible capabilities make it a state of the art 3D powerhouse for beginners and adepts alike. Additionally, it is very quiet so you aren’t disturbed while it prints out your next masterpiece. Retail price ranges from $300 to $450.

Entrepreneur Tech Gift #5: Grasshopper (Citrix) Virtual Phone System


This cloud-based phone system can easily make your startup sound like a Fortune 500 company. With virtually an endless number of extensions, Grasshopper allows users to personalize their call-forwarding, call-routing, and designated greeting messages. It also provides text message marketing and conference call abilities. It’s simplistic use and 24/7 customer support makes it a game changer for entrepreneurs longing for a more professional touch. This gift is a subscription and ranges from $12-200 per month.

With Cyber Monday already here, we should expect items such as these on the top of everybody’s wish list. Which one would you benefit from the most? If you want to discover out how to find the best deals online, check out the latest apps in this article now! These apps will help you navigate through the bells and whistles thrown at you and enjoy real savings.

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Happy smart shopping!



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