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As the Donald takes over the White House and leadership of the U.S.A, it’s turning out clear that 2017 is the year of renewed activism. And as an entrepreneur, owner of a small business or a solopreneur, you may be concerned with losing your healthcare plan, changes in tax laws or you may be worried at the thought of facing an administration that has little or no understanding of what it takes to run a startup and for the need to support innovations. Changes in visa and immigration laws may also be a concern as they will affect your ability to bring and keep new talents. Or you may simply not support the direction this administration is taking. But what to do and how best express your opinions? Perhaps the next four years will be rife with intense political activism around the country. It started off with the Pussyhat Project as women marched on Washington wearing pink hats to the upcoming Scientists’ March on Washington and a wide array of environmental and civil rights groups planning their own activities.
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With our democracy seemingly at stake, a concerned entrepreneur, a fretful American and a pragmatic activist all rolled in one needs a flexible way forward. There’re many digital instruments that can help any entrepreneur thinking about organizing. These tools offer the required specifics, coordinated assistance and critical information needed.


Thinking about making your legislator accountable in the next four years? Would you like to see how your legislator voted on critical legislation? With the Countable free app, you only need to add your address and name and the legislators’ list relevant to you will be provided. With the app, you can relay a message in video form to the representative to show you’re serious. The app is available for iOS and Android. Through the app, you’ll be receiving daily notifications on important upcoming votes as well as unbiased summaries of legislation and news.


In case you’re not feeling like allowing Trump and his close allies touch your money this app can help you organize in that direction. A Democratic Coalition Against Trump app, it allows you to filter through more than 250 companies and individuals to find out who’s connected to the new American President. Both iOS and Android versions of the app exist.
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For the entrepreneur who’s decided to be active financially and physically volunteering, this online tool is exactly what you need. It contains a list of various nonprofits and agencies where volunteering time and donating money is possible. Simply choose “volunteer” or “donate” under the organization you’ve selected.  The tool makes it easy to find an established and reputable non-profit organization and work directly by donating your money and volunteering your time.

Not all organizations, big and small, that make a huge impact are receiving the funding they need. This online tool allows you to access a significant list of diverse groups that need financial help.  It can be a non-profit led by POC, a group for migrant justice or even Muslim community non-profits, among others.

Weekly Actions to Resist Trump

If you believe a phone call will make more impact than an email, group protest or letter, then this site is it. It gives you all the guidance you need on calls, where to direct them, how to do it as well as the contact information any user requires. You can pick a bonus action while at performing the action.


After a grueling 18 hours during Election Night where they saw their candidate lose, a group of campaign staffers went for final goodbyes only to leave with Flippable, a new startup that seeks to turn all government levels from State to Federal blue. Signing up for daily alerts via emails or visiting the site allows you to access calling scripts, phone numbers, and steps easy to follow for everyone. It is an excellent site to visit for intense activity for anyone hoping for a progressive legislature or president next time.


If you don’t have time to organize daily, but you’d like to donate a few hours throughout the week, Wall-of-Us can help. The mission of the online activist site is allowing every American the chance to participate actively in rebuilding their eroded democracy. Each week four “acts of resistance” will be sent to your inbox. You can then plan ahead to make your voice heard.

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