How Cloud Computing Has Changed the Face of HR

It has always been known that one of the most overworked departments in a company has been HR. This is one team that has their hands on the pulse of the entire organization from hiring new recruits through departmental organization to payroll and every other aspect inside the operation of a business. In fact, most HR departments even advise the board on what is needed to improve efficiency within the company and how to improve the bottom line by implementing a wide array of operational changes.

This is a big hat to wear for any person, let alone an overwhelmed HR staffer and is why HR departments around the globe are lauding the advances in Cloud computing which makes many of their tasks so much easier to manage and certainly much more time effective. Following are some of the benefits that working in the Cloud has brought to HR departments around the globe.

Better Management of Recruits

As more and more companies expand operations in new markets across the globe, it is difficult to interview job applicants in remote locations. Whilst team leaders can recruit talent in foreign locations, communications with the home office could be laborious and time-consuming. Due to advances in Cloud computing, all information from that applicant’s initial contact with the company through to the submission of a CV and any interviews will be accessible on the Cloud for anyone with a ‘need to know’ access. Solutions such as XCDHR Cloud Computing make it possible to expedite the recruitment process so that those positions can be filled almost immediately with qualified candidates.

Streamlined Performance Management

The same holds true for performance management. With all records stored on Cloud-based servers and accessible to team leaders, departmental managers and company directors, each and every employee’s records are there to be read and written to. Some companies base salary and benefits on performance and so having access to that person’s work history when assessing performance based compensation is a real plus. Those staffers with a long history of high performance can be rewarded first, or with a higher award, than those who are struggling.

Managing Payroll

Many SMEs have struggled to make payroll timely because time sheets have been kept locally within a department or that branch’s HR office. If one central HR office is tasked with cutting payroll checks weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly, having everything accessible on the Cloud makes it fast and easy to do the calculations so that employees can be paid timely. It only takes one department sometimes to slow down the entire process. Some companies tally the number of hours worked totally by employees against what is being claimed on timesheets before cutting the first check. This helps to ensure that all hours being claimed were truly worked, and if not, where the broken link could be found. Although it is often a simple clerical error, no checks could be cut until timesheets balanced with actual hours worked.

It is no pun when saying Cloud computing has sent HR departments soaring on the clouds. In fact, having all databases centrally located and accessible ‘as needed’ makes it so much easier and less frustrating for everyone involved. If your HR department hasn’t taken a ride in the Clouds, it’s time for a real treat.

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