Microsoft Launches A New Era Of Creative Computing With Their Surface Studio PC

Microsoft Launches A New Era Of Creative Computing With Their Surface Studio PC

Microsoft presented a new creative PC, the Surface Studio, at a Microsoft news conference yesterday in New York, which is set to rival the iMac and bring back the dying category for the software giant.

Panos Panay, Microsoft Corporate VP of Devices, introduced the new Surface Studio yesterday to an audience of tech gurus and leaders, he explained that the new PC is set to ‘fundamentally change’ the way people create.

The event also saw a live demo of the Surface Studio from Ben Wolstenholme, Madefire founder, who was able to create a thumbnail for an animated comic on his app using only the Studio PC. He believes the PC enables him to take control of his workflow:

“It’s amazing to me that Surface Studio makes it possible for me to have my entire creative workflow in one place,” Wolstenholme said.

To be released alongside the new Surface Studio PC Microsoft have also announced the creation of the Surface Dial and a new Surface Book, which are also both set to start a new wave in creative computing according to CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella:

“At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more,” said Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft, in a press statement. “With Windows 10, Microsoft Surface and the medium of Mixed Reality, we aim to empower the builders, the makers and the creators with the tools to create, collaborate and express themselves in new ways.”

The Surface Studio – a new wave of creative computing

The new desktop computer provides an all-in-one solution for those looking for a new desktop PC, with a 28-inch PixelSense display and an Intel Core processor plus a 2TB hard drive and an NVIDA GPU.

With just two chrome supports between the base and the screen the idea behind the Surface Studio is that just the display is visible so users can focus on their designs and creative ideas.

The speakers, ports and drive are all situated within the base which is a small square box between the chrome supports under the screen.

The new PC has a creative twist, with a hinge on the back of the screen users can easily rotate the screen, going from upright to flat without any resistance.

The Surface Studio also has a touchscreen, further allowing users to draw, design and create using the device. The Surface men is also compatible with the desktop PC, combining this with the hinge users can use the PC in a creative way.

The display also features ‘True Scale’ which means that those designing for print will be able to see the actual size of their product – one inch on the screen is one inch in ‘real life’.

The Surface Dial – creativity with ease

The Surface Dial provides users with a faster way to zoom, scroll and navigate their way around any Surface device.

During their announcement of the new Surface Studio Microsoft also demonstrated their Surface Dial, working seamlessly with the new PC to improve the way you are able work through your task list.

By placing the Dial onto the screen of the Surface Studio a set of digital tools appear, enabling users to select new features without having to move their Surface Pen from the screen.

The Dial will be particularly useful for those who are using the PC to design new concepts, they will be able to make quick changes to their designs with little effort.

The Surface Book – the most powerful laptop in the industry

The third and final instalment of their new releases is the new Surface Book with a Performance Base, similar to the base of the Surface Studio.

To make the Surface Book more powerful Microsoft have created three new models, all including 6th Generation Intel Core, i7 processors and a much more powerful graphics processor than the original Surface Book.

The new Performance Base also brings with it 16 hours of battery life, whilst keeping the same efficient design that is popular with users.

Surface product line is available for pre-order now with shipping date early 2017.

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