Month: February 2017

A Look at Three Environmentally Conscious Watches. It’s About Time!

During a time where ecological issues are reaching a tipping point, entrepreneurs and big business are at the forefront of innovation. Consumer attitudes are shifting the direction corporations view their products and services. Also, this demand has opened up the market for startups that already foster sound solutions. The push for a more environmentally sustainable Read More

How to Differentiate Bots from Real Traffic

As a provider of high-quality marketing and SEO services, AH Marketing Group is always on the lookout for the most-up-to-date techniques to decipher and root out bad bots or robots generating traffic. Bots or botnet controlled traffic is to web traffic what spam is to e-mail marketing and of no value. Let us demonstrate how Read More

Attire Event Packing List, Apps and Googies

Business Conference Packing List It’s easier for an entrepreneur to pack for a vacation but packing for a business conference is a whole different matter altogether.  Planning is key as preparedness for various scenario is important. Without planning and making a list of what you’ll need you won’t avoid the pitfalls and plights that beset Read More

How to Create a Special Event to Promote Your Business

Whether you operate a restaurant, retail store, B2B company, or any other type of business, you can use special events to market yourself to the masses. But how can you go about creating an event that will draw a crowd and be successful? Continue reading for a few tips. Decide What Your Goals Are When Read More

Startup Nation on a Decline but Rising among African-Americans

By all accounts, the U.S. economy has improved, and job creation under the Obama administration had risen. While we don’t know yet what the verdict will be under the Trump administration, we are keeping a watch.  On the other hand, even though job creation has improved, new business creation is at its lowest level in Read More

Manage Your Timing for Success

Everyone knows timing is critical.  However, it is as bad to be too early as too late.  Business offers many areas in which moving too early can work against success.  As a SCORE mentor, I have seen these at close hand. Bad timing is… Don’t seek funding prematurely.  You should start a business with enough Read More