A Look at Three Environmentally Conscious Watches. It’s About Time!

During a time where ecological issues are reaching a tipping point, entrepreneurs and big business are at the forefront of innovation. Consumer attitudes are shifting the direction corporations view their products and services. Also, this demand has opened up the market for startups that already foster sound solutions. The push for a more environmentally sustainable world is coming in many shapes and sizes while merging into the most unlikely industries. Its presence begs the question, “Who says we can’t look cool and environmentally conscious?” Fashion is adopting eco-friendly business models so people can return to nature in style. More specifically, watch providers have some notably popular products that are not just talking the talk but walking as you tick-tock.

Max Clement, Founder and Designer of Konifer Watches

Max Clement, Founder, and Designer of Konifer Watches

Konifer Watches is a Canada-based startup created in 2013 by CEO and designer Max Clément. From the start, Clément has had an interest in everything wood-related. His superior “Paul Bunyan” qualities are channeled into every project he pursued and capitalized on these skills with the help of Kickstarter. With nearly 400 backers and the funded amount as of the date of publication at $54,817, they have superseded their original goal of 15k by over 300%. In fact, they were able to achieve their fundraising objective within a mere nine hours after launching the campaign. Konifer’s Kickstarter has been one of the most successful campaigns in Canada’s history and backers who contribute a minimum of $159 are eligible for a complimentary watch regularly priced at $295. Customers can choose from styles in maple, sandalwood, green, sandalwood, black sandalwood, zebrawood and mahogany.
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WeWood was created in 2010 and originated in Florence, Italy. Within one-quarter of its debut, the company branched out to Los Angeles, California. They pride themselves in offering luxury timepieces embodying sophisticated sustainability. Every one of their products is 100% genuine natural wood matched with a contemporary design and sleek appearance. Thanks to endorsements from organizations such as Vogue, Cosmo, GQ, Cool Hunter and Martha Stewart Living, WeWood has captivated a global audience while letting users save time and the planet! Within its first year of business, the company has planted over 14,000 trees as part of its, “One Watch, One Tree” campaign. WeWood offers a variation of styles in types from maple, blackwood, red wing celtis and guaiaco.

Founded in 2013, Jord Watches is a natural wood watch company out of St. Louis, Missouri concentrating on modern designs that are user and eco-friendly. As they wrote on their website’s about page, “We make our watches for people who don’t just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go.” Their diverse group of artists, engineers, and marketing specialists collaborate on how to become the most energy-efficient and in-demand wooden watch supplier on the planet. All of their watches are designed to be splash proof but should not be submerged in liquids. Harnessing key elements from the environment, the monochromatic tone of each unit demonstrates the unique complexity found in forest settings. Their watches come in koa, rosewood, ebony, sandalwood, purpleheart, zebrawood, maple and more.
These are just a handful out of the dozens of providers in today’s market that emphasize the importance of putting the earth first. Truth be told, an ecological disaster would be much more devastating than an economic one, so it takes courage to stand by your principles. These organizations highlighted above not only bring awareness to these issues but show entrepreneurs that they can still be conscious and profitable.

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