Attire Event Packing List, Apps and Googies

Business Conference Packing List

It’s easier for an entrepreneur to pack for a vacation but packing for a business conference is a whole different matter altogether.  Planning is key as preparedness for various scenario is important. Without planning and making a list of what you’ll need you won’t avoid the pitfalls and plights that beset so many an entrepreneur off to a business-related conference. Here’s a packing list based on our Editorial team’s experience and mishaps.

Let’s start with Apps

Conferences and business travels are always hectic. Downloading critical apps can help you manage your events, meetings, and conferences perfectly. For instance, Eventboard makes communicating and organizing with those attending effortlessly while SpotMe can help you enhance client relations using very interactive and quality features. Other apps you might want to download beforehand include Attendifyto help you build relationship, Uber, Lyft and Hitch to get around. Evernote to take notes to get the most out of each presentation and help you make sense of them by organizing them logically and share across multiple devices, and if you are wondering which conference to attend, check out 10Times Events App. Since you will be meeting many amazing people, make sure to be ready to scan their business cards. There are many options, but we like  ABBYY Business Card Reader for Android. For iPhone users, we recommend CamCard to not only scan but manage, sync and exchange business cards with your new contacts.

What to wear

Of course, it’s a business conference, and you may only be gone for a couple of days. Only bring with you what you need. If you have a few hours to loosen up at the bar or a night out after the conference perhaps with new clients and new networking acquaintances, options of style is a must. Bring some clothes loved for packing well, such as wool suits that shed off wrinkles like no one’s business. Wool suits will also keep you both warm and cool. Here are some of our favorites suits for men and women. Fellows, check out Signature Suits,  $249 Tailored Fit 2-Button Suit with Plain Front Trousers for men. Ladies, we like Boss’ $70-$90 BOSS Suit Jacket, top, and trousers or the $199-$279 Classiques Entier Jacket and Pants Outfit and $60-$90 Anne Klein Women’s Blue Wool Pant Suit for women. Pair them with tees for a modern look and mismatch the jacket with your jeans or a skirt. Do take along one pair of jeans and some quality blouses or shirts to alternate from night and day events.

Stepping out with the right shoes

Depending on the length of the conference, a single pair of footwear might not be enough. A comfortable set of shoes to walk around with during the day are important. For dashing across the conference grounds, ballet flats are the best. You can easily fold them in your bag and take them out as needed.  Have you heard of Aquatalia by Marin K. brand? This brand offers some of the best high-class ballet flats for everyday wear. We also love Yosi Samra Women’s Samara Ballet Flat for its patterned skin and style. Don’t forget some a dressy pair of footwear such as the $119.95 Sam Edelman Hazel Pointy Toe Pump or the $675 Christian Louboutin ‘So Kate’ for dinging out.

Compact Tech ware

Note that an extra battery, phone cords are a must or just a power bank for your iPad and Smartphone. Either a laptop, Android iPad tablet will do, or one that combines the features of the laptop and the magic of the tablet such as $1,099’s HP Spectre x360 and $799.99-$1,199.99’s Notebook 7 Spin.

Not so high tech

As much as you have these with you don’t forget a notebook to note down key speakers and relevant facts you’d like clarified. A moleskin notebook such as the $29.95 Moleskine Folio Professional Book will do just fine.

Stay connected with wireless cards

Lou & GreyChances are at the conference Wi-Fi will be in plenty, but it doesn’t mean the connection will always be reliable or free. The last thing you need is for your Wi-Fi to drop. Carry an extra Wireless card from any of the phone carriers compatible with the operating system you’re using such as iOS for Apple devices, Android or Windows.

Boost of energy with snacks

It’s possible that between the hectic and stressful conference schedule to get famished only to realize the muffin tray is empty during tea or coffee breaks. You can pack a couple of bites with you such as popcorn chips, pretzels sealed in a bag or container, dried fruit, nuts like the delicious $23.99 6 Pack Maple Cinnamon Madness What-A-Ya Nuts and bars. Our editor’s personal favorite bars are concocted by LÄRABAR®. Anne especially likes LÄRABAR organic with superfoods: Coconut, Kale & Cocoa , Hazelnut, Hemp & Cocoa, Turmeric, Ginger & Beet.  Get the variety 15-pack. They are made with recognizable ingredients, are minimally processed, organic and GMO-free.

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