WEF Study Reports Going Green is good for business

The World Economic Forum study reported that for 30 countries across the globe, 2016 was the year that solar and wind power became cheaper than any power produced by fossil fuels. According to the research conducted by the World Economic Forum, a large reason for this is because technology has helped move sustainability from a niche market into a sound investment.

For businesses that mean taking advantage of the benefits “going green” has to offer. And, as the World Economic Forum has proven, technology plays a large role in moving ideas from niches to widespread acceptance.
SUNJACK Solar Charger
As a result, “Environmentalist” is a label more and more people are taking up. And businesses are starting to see the benefits of this label as well.

Companies like TripAdvisor have special sections that highlight businesses that have gone green. Not only does that give them a marketing advantage, but it shows that potential customers are more likely to go with a brand that takes a stand when it comes to the environment- even if it costs a little more.

In fact, the “green” LEED-certified hotels TripAdvisor has listed can expect to see greater revenue increases than other hotels in the first two years.  And that’s not to mention the larger gains experienced by those in the luxury industry.

There are plenty of ways technology is helping businesses and the everyday customers make better choices and nowhere is that more evident than in the San Francisco app development scene.

San Francisco is the #2 “Greenest City in America, “ and with the technologies, the city is developing it might take the top spot in 2017.

The apps listed below will help you do everything from tracking your carbon footprint to joining a carpool to finding the hazard scores of your favorite products and joining a local environmentalist cause.

Apps to Track Your Green Behaviors


Want to know your carbon footprint? Give02 lets you track it. At least, they let you track any transport-related activity that contributes to it. Not only that, but it lets employers set up a “wellness program” to monitor and reward carbon footprint reducing behavior like bike riding and walking to work.


Looking to reduce the amount of water you use? Dropcountr was developed for homeowners and utilities. It doesn’t require any special equipment. The average user saves 30 gallons per day, just by following the app’s suggestions and setting a few reasonable goals.

Apps to Help You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

HTC Power

If you’re looking for something that lets you make an impact without having to change your lifestyle, HTC Power to Give is the app you have to try. While your phone is idle, this app lets you donate some of your processing power to science. Don’t worry- it doesn’t drain your battery, it only works while your phone is plugged in. So, while you and so many other users are asleep, this app is helping make significant scientific discoveries.

Carma Carpool

If you happen to be looking for a more eco-friendly ride to work you should check out Carma Carpool. It may not be the most revolutionary or unconventional app on this list, but it does what it says on the tin- gets you from Point A to Point B with a smaller carbon footprint. The real-time pilot program is based in the SFBay area.

Apps to Help you Make Green Decisions

Want to learn how many neurotoxins are in your makeup? Or which snack foods are least likely to cause harm down the line? GoodGuide will tell you those things and more. You can browse or search for thousands of different products- all with safety ratings and information.


Want to find the freshest ingredients? Farmstand helps you locate a farmer’s market near you. Not only does that mean you get the healthiest produce, but you can support local businesses, too. (Or even set up your own farm stand.)

Apps to Help You Be More Environmentally Active


Ready to join (or start) a local movement and make a change? #Climate is your first step. With this app, you are alerted to nearby issues as well as those far away. You can choose to contribute something yourself or raise awareness by sharing the issues that resonate with you through social media.


Backed by the Ocean Conservancy, Rippl helps you discover new ways to lead an increasingly sustainable life. It also helps you keep track of the progress you’ve made toward your environmental goals and share them with friends.

A 2012 UCLA study concluded that environmentally aware companies are  16% more productive.  The study conducted by Professor Magali Delmas, an environmental economist at UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and the UCLA Anderson School of Management, and Sanja Pekovic from France’s University Paris–Dauphine is the first to study how a firm’s environmental commitment affects its productivity.  The data suggests that companies taking a mindful, environmentally friendly approach are setting themselves up for greater success in the future. Delmas said in a press statement “Adopting green practices isn’t just good for the environment.”

Real-Life Case

Another UCLA study reported that once the Ambrose Hotel, a boutique hotel in Santa Monica, California, adopted wide-ranging sustainability measures across the board that “employees were happier and healthier. Housekeeping workers reported fewer headaches, allergies and sick days after switching from chemical cleaners to non-toxic, green cleaning products.”

Incorporating one of these apps into your business or just your personal day-to-day can reduce costs and boost your overall sense of well-being. If you’re looking to make a big difference and just using these apps isn’t enough it might be the time you considered making your own. No two entries on this list are truly alike, and there are plenty of environmental issues just waiting for creative solutions.

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