Month: April 2017

Facebook AR: Augmented Ecosystem in Facebook

At this year’s Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference on April 18, Mark Zuckerberg introduced the world’s first mainstream augmented reality platform. The idea behind the platform is to allow people to view and manipulate the world around them using the camera on a smartphone. While the technology behind the idea is relatively limited at the Read More

MirroCool Boosts the IQ of Your Average Smart Mirror

The Scope Weekly had the pleasure of conversing with Wojtek Kaszycki, the CEO of MirroCool, a startup launching a smart mirror that works with Facial Gestures Recognition technology. Here is our takeaway from the conversation. The Bigger Picture Smart Mirror Technologies are becoming a crucial element in information-delivery systems. According to a report by Technavio Research published Read More

Facebook Rapidly Expands Its Careers Services

Job seekers around the world commonly head to sites such as LinkedIn,, Indeed or Glassdoor to search available job listings, but Facebook is usually relegated to catching up with friends or playing games.But no more! Facebook has entered the job seeker business. Millions of people log into the social media site every day, so Read More

Forming Strong Relationships with Clients as a Virtual Worker

The growth in the virtual workforce is led primarily by the increasing use of digital technology. As more people leverage the ability to offer virtual services, the sheer number of virtual workers earning a healthy income from the comfort of the home continues to increase.   A 2016 study by Global Workplace Analytics states that Read More

Tips for Using Social Media to Generate Leads

By Anne Howard – AH Marketing Group Social media is one of those places where a person can dominate as long as he or she knows what to do. Unfortunately, most people don’t know what to do, and that is why they struggle in the long term. Here are a few tips for those who Read More

California State Small Business Support

By Jim Martin, SCORE Santa Cruz Given the breadth of federal support for small businesses, one might expect the state of California to minimize its offerings.  Instead, the state has a strong support package in place.  The best place to start is the California Business Portal, established for the purpose of easy entry into a Read More

Ford Latest Ride Puts Baby to Sleep

Ask any parents of a newborn, and they will mention sleepless nights that ends with a ride around the block to put a baby to sleep. Something about the white noise and the gentle rocking is well-known among parents to have a soothing effect on the infant and help the little one nod off.   A Read More

Best Vacation Spots for the Entrepreneur on a Budget

Work is so much interwoven in an entrepreneur’s life that taking time off for a much-needed vacation is often viewed as an indulgence instead of an opportunity to recharge your mental battery. Mixing business with pleasure is a good approach to fulfilling the need to remain active and unwind. It is often the definition of Read More

Organizing Your Home Office for Maximum Productivity

The Scope Weekly is entirely staffed by nomadic workers, operating from the East to the West coast and based on two continents. Must of us have chosen to work from home and with this decision comes many challenges directly linked to work/home environment. Following are tips and solutions that have worked well for us. Working Read More

A Look at Privacy and Google’s New App Allo

Surprise, surprise, disabling end-to-end encryption is a bad idea, thinks Snowden. Oh the dreaded “P” word! Privacy has been one of the most talked about subjects since the launch of our new millennia. Yesterday we touched on how Facebook has been reportedly monitoring its users’ conversations and even the types of music they are listening Read More

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