Tips for Using Social Media to Generate Leads

By Anne Howard – AH Marketing Group

Social media is one of those places where a person can dominate as long as he or she knows what to do. Unfortunately, most people don’t know what to do, and that is why they struggle in the long term.
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Here are a few tips for those who are thinking about using social media to generate leads and want to make sure they aren’t going down the wrong path. The tips listed here will provide real value in the long term and ensure leads are generated as they are supposed to be.

1) Treat Your Social Media Page Like a Website

A social media page has to be treated like a website, or things won’t work out at all. Many people don’t handle their accounts as a business website, which means they become unprofessional or don’t post enough content. It can lead to frayed results at the best of times.

Instead, the goal should be to sit down and focus on treating the social media page as one would their website. This approach means adding new content, maintaining your tone, and responding to those who are speaking with you on these platforms.

2) Target Right Platform

Are you on the right social media platform?

For example, some niches are stronger on Pinterest (i.e. beauty products, clothes), while others are stronger on Instagram (i.e. Pets). This is why you have to figure out where your niche is strongest and create a social media page on that platform. It will save you a lot of trouble in finding leads if you do this.

“You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them.” – Pam Moore (@pammktgnut)

3) Set Up Niche-Related Contests

One of the neatest tricks a business can use is setting up a contest or a game related to their niche. This strategy drives in a lot of people because they’re on the lookout for freebies. You can set it up and see massive results because people will recognize your brand over time.

4) Mix Up Content to Create Intrigue

The one thing many businesses fail with involves content and how it is put up. They tend to start posting text-heavy content, and that gets fatiguing for the average lead. They don’t want to keep reading text and might scroll right past it if you aren’t careful.

It is smarter to make sure the content being put up is varied, as that is going to deliver good results in the long term. It will eliminate some of the worries a person might have about gaining traction.

These are the essential tips to use on social media platforms for those who want to generate new leads on a regular basis. It is all about positioning the business in good light, so it can grow as time goes on. It won’t catch on right away, and a lot of work is required in advance, but once things are in place, the leads will pour in.

Many businesses have made millions of dollars and continue to make millions of dollars due to the tips listed here. It is all about optimizing the platforms and getting more out of them.

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