Month: May 2017

Podcasting: Edison Research Shows Significant Popularity Increase

Recent research by the Edison Research Group shows that the popularity of Podcasting is growing steadily, and may offer significant exposure and public relations opportunities for companies. Until a few years ago, the perception used to be that podcasts were the bottom rung of the broadcasting ladder, reserved for wanna-be hopefuls who weren’t considered good Read More

This Memorial Day: Peace through Entrepreneurship

Memorial Day Weekend is a time to reflect on fallen soldiers that have relentlessly fought for a more peaceful world and to honor them. Fortunately, peace doesn’t always have to be attained on the battlefield and has merged into dozens of commercial industries and projects. Let’s look at a few such endeavors that may contribute Read More

Microsoft Brings Education to the Surface with New Laptop and OS

Microsoft unveiled on Tuesday its newest Surface Laptop designed to serve the education sector and regain its visibility in academia. Their previous Chromebook models struggled for relevance only accounting for 1-2% of the market during its release in 2012. However, the Chrome OS has gained momentum since then tallying over 50% in the K-12 market Read More