Month: June 2017

Great Big Story, in-house video startup gets $40M from CNN

Great Big Story launched by CNN in 2015 to compete against the likes of Buzzfeed and Vice just got a jump start of a $40 million investment to be released over the next two years. GBS is an independent LLC fully funded by CNN. Its raison d’être is to produce that is appealing to millennials, Read More

Twitter Gets a New Look. Does it Get it Right?

A Look at Twitter’s New Design Since its inception and subsequent launch in 2006, Twitter has grown its user base to a massive 319 million active monthly users by the fourth quarter of 2016. To stay at the forefront of user experience, the social media giant recently unveiled its latest design update, launching a fresh Read More

From Past to Upcoming, A look at Three Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding is the ideal alternative way for entrepreneurs to fund a venture without accumulating debt. Aside from raising capital to launch a new venture, crowdfunding is the ideal way for any entrepreneur to validate a business idea and gauge the size of a potential audience before launching a new product to the market. Done right, Read More

Product Review: Entrepreneurship 101 Community Building Top Tools for Early Adopter Growth

You’ve hung out your shingle and now officially label yourself as an entrepreneur. You’ve created a landing page, set up a Twitter account, and launched your Facebook business page. Now what? How do you go from a speck on the startup map to a bustling business rolling in revenues? One word: community. Without a loyal Read More

Understanding the NFL’s Controversial Tax-Exemption 

The National Football League, purveyor of such spectacles as the Super Bowl, the Pro Bowl and Jerry Jones, is exempt from paying taxes. It’s a fact that surprises most people, including most NFL fans, especially in light of some other facts: .   The NFL grossed more than $9 billion in revenue in 2014. .   Roger Read More

RIP Jack O’Neill: Surfer Legend & Businessman is Mourned

Today the surfing world mourns the passing of one of their greats. Jack O’Neill, a Santa Cruz local icon passed away at the age of 94, leaving a great personal and professional legacy as the creator of O’Neill, a much-loved California brand and export, and as a champion of environmental stewardship and education. Newcomers or visitors Read More