Month: August 2017

Study Reveals Spying Risk Factors Associated with Smart Homes

A new study released by Noah Apthorpe*, Dillon Reisman, Srikanth Sundaresan, Arvind Narayanan, and Nick Feamster, researchers at Princeton University reveals that many smart home devices when left on all the time can provide IPS with the usage information that may seem invasive to most. The study demonstrates that an ISP or another network observer can access activities by Read More

Five Tips to Increase Online Sales

Growing an e-commerce business from a new venture into a thriving company is not a task to be taken lightly. Success will not happen overnight and you’re going to face numerous challenges along the way. Just because your company is focused on online revenues, that doesn’t mean your challenges are going to be any easier Read More

The Digital Revolution Shakes Up How We Give To Charity

As we evolve into a cashless society, how do we make up the giving gap of collected spare change that so many charities have come to depend on? Historically, nonprofits like Ronald McDonald House, March of Dimes, UNICEF, and others have accumulated millions of dollars in donated pennies, dimes, quarters. In 2012, passersby tossed $148 million into Salvation Read More

Is It Time for Business to Dump Voicemails?

Not so long ago, it was considered that a missed phone call equated lost business. Then the inception of voicemail for business landlines changed the perception so that if a business missed a call it was assumed the caller would simply leave a voicemail message and wait to receive a callback. However, in more recent Read More

Cruzio to Provide Fiber Optic Network to Downtown Santa Cruz

Cruzio, the oldest and largest Internet service provider in Santa Cruz County, California, to start construction this week on its fiber optic network to improve internet service to downtown Santa Cruz business, under the banner of the  Santa Cruz Fiber brand. To showcase the start of the construction and the launch of the Santa Cruz Fiber brand, the company Read More

Forum helps companies Add Value to their company

Many  business owner are looking to add value to their company but wonder how to reach their goal. Chris Snider, CEO of the The Exit Planning Institute™ (EPI) and author of “Walking to Destiny,” challenges you to become the next “value creator” of your industry. How you may ask? The Exit Planning Institute, in collaboration Read More

NYC-Based tech company paving the way to a new generation of talented coders

A new initiative between a technology company and a nonprofit organization is sparking interest in coding and programming at a younger age, paving the way for entry-level technology employees with more experience. By partnering with the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF), Digital Pomegranate, an NYC-based technology company with a field office in Armenia, has entered Read More