Five Tips to Increase Online Sales

Growing an e-commerce business from a new venture into a thriving company is not a task to be taken lightly. Success will not happen overnight and you’re going to face numerous challenges along the way. Just because your company is focused on online revenues, that doesn’t mean your challenges are going to be any easier than those of a brick-and-mortar business owner. One critical component of building your e-commerce site into a powerhouse is to offer exemplary customer service. Competing against vendors around the globe, it is your customer service that will set you apart from others in the online space. If you want to build a rock star customer service rating, following are five factors you need to nail:

1) Be where your customers are. If the majority of your buyers are using Facebook, ensure your company is actively interacting on Facebook. If your customers prefer reaching out to your business on Twitter, make sure you’re monitoring your Twitter feed throughout the day. Consumers don’t want to be forced to call a toll-free number or reach your customer service department via email; ensure your business is available for customer support on multiple channels for top success.

2) Customer service analytics is crucial. If you’re not tracking performance, how can your team be expected to improve? Monitor all customer service channels on an ongoing basis and look for opportunities to exceed customer expectations. In today’s competitive e-commerce market it isn’t enough just to meet expectations; you need to wow your customers to ensure they remain loyal brand ambassadors.

3) Your online business should have a blog where you address common consumer concerns. If you’re already providing answers on your company’s blogs, you’ll drastically reduce the number of customer service concerns. Use your blog as a resource center to provide valuable information. Not only are you helping current customers, you just might be converting potential buyers into confirmed sales.

4) Integrate a customer feedback interface into your site. These pop-ups on your website allow customers to ask questions of your team via your website instead of having to access a third party site like Facebook or Twitter. Be sure to check your feedback interface on a regular basis so that you are providing timely responses to consumers.

5) Set up Google Alerts for your company name to catch any online mentions of your business. If you’re able to respond to online mentions on forums or website comment sections, you’re in a much better position to provide customers with solutions. A fast response to online mentions shows consumers you take customer service seriously and are committed to providing top-quality service.

Building an online business means you are going to be juggling multiple duties at once. From marketing to inventory control, your e-commerce venture will definitely keep you busy. If you make customer service a top priority, your company is likely to flourish and continue to grow. Will you be incorporating the above-listed tips into your e-commerce growth strategy?

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