Month: September 2017

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Product Review – Pros and Cons of the iPhone X for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs depend on technology and communication to keep their businesses and personal lives going. On September 12th, Apple launched several new, exciting products including their 10th anniversary iPhone: the iPhone X. The launch event was the first ever event to be held at the Steve Jobs Theater. On launch day, tech leaders from Apple introduced Read More

Seven Reasons AdQuick is long on outdoor

Don’t be a joke. Take your business seriously and advertise where it matters. Outdoor advertising is antifragile — the disorder in other ad channels benefits outdoor advertising. As other channels are created (online ads) and destroyed (TV) by technology, outdoor advertising remains stalwart, unblockable, and consumption/impressions are actually increasing. As cord-cutting increases and ad-supported TV consumption disappears, Read More

Hugh Hefner, father of the sexual revolution dead at 91

Playboy empire Founder, Hugh Hefner, died on his estate on September 28, 2017; he was 91. His name and brand became iconic with the most memorable of names such as Coca-Cola or Michael Jackson. Remembered for his poised demeanor and unspoken dress code of a customary silk robe, Hefner singlehandedly revolutionized sexual expression. However, this Read More

Twitter Tests New Character Limit for Tweets

Twitter has always prided itself on keeping posts short and sweet by restricting public posts (tweets) to a mere 140 characters. Its unique simplicity has served the platform well but now the company is rethinking its approach. On Monday, Twitter announced that they will be testing out a more expansive tweeting feature with a 280 Read More

Product Review: 4k TV to buy or not to buy

A recent research released by the analysts at IHS posits that as more than half all American household will have a 4K television by the year 2019. However, a number of problems still stand in the way of the popularity of 4K technology. Some experts claim that these issues are difficult enough to prevent the Read More

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The Handmaid’s Tale– Big Message from the Small Screen

This week, surprising no one familiar with the series, The Handmaid’s Tale won the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series, collecting home a total of eight trophies, five of which were Emmy Awards —— tying HBO’s “Big Little Lies” for the most wins of the year. What has made this series so successful, besides its huge Read More

Six Things To Do To Save On Airline Tickets

Air travel is one of the miracles of the modern world. Fast and efficient, flying is the best way to travel long distances. However, besides even the hassle of security lines and the discomfort of narrow seats, there is one huge downside to traveling by plane: the price. Business flying is frequently very expensive — Read More

Baidu Self-Driving Car

Baidu Self-Driving Cars To Roam California Highways

We Know Automated Cars are Here to Stay but Why in California? Even though flying cars have yet to make their debut in the 21st century, automated self-driving vehicles are on the rise. From Google to Tesla, established auto manufacturers all want a piece of this new technology. In fact, just earlier this year Ford Read More

Why Conversation, Not Content, Is King

Content is king. It’s a cliché that any Internet marketer has no doubt heard a hundred times and more to the point it’s become downright tedious. Worst of all, it only paints a fraction of the story. In fact, it entirely fails to address the fundamental way people interact on the internet. Every marketer knows Read More

Assistance for Small Business to Survive Disaster

The aftermath of massive natural disasters, such as the damage seen in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, can break many small businesses. Massive flooding and extensive damage and destruction to properties can result in many small businesses never recovering. In fact, approximately 40 percent of small businesses affected by a disaster never reopen Read More

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