Product Review – Pros and Cons of the iPhone X for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs depend on technology and communication to keep their businesses and personal lives going. On September 12th, Apple launched several new, exciting products including their 10th anniversary iPhone: the iPhone X.

The launch event was the first ever event to be held at the Steve Jobs Theater. On launch day, tech leaders from Apple introduced several highly anticipated items to eager crowds, including three new phones, and the newest Apple watch.

The three phones that Apple launched on September 12th included the iPhone X, the iPhone 8, and the iPhone 8 Plus. Of these three phones, the iPhone X has the highest price point, and was created with the most new features. The iPhone X is marketed as a tech gadget that seems to be from the future.

What does the tenth anniversary iPhone have to offer entrepreneurs? Here is a comprehensive list of the pros and cons of the new iPhone X. Reading through it will help you, as an entrepreneur, decide if purchasing a new iPhone X is the right choice.

Pros of the iPhone X:

Camera Capabilities: Entrepreneurs need to be able to present themselves as professionals in many scenarios. The new iPhone X’s camera will help you take professional quality photographs of yourself in order to share your head-shot with the people you want to reach out to. In addition, you can use the camera’s high tech abilities, such as portrait mode, depth-mapping, enhanced zooming abilities, and natural lighting effects to create images that look as if you hired a pro. People form snap judgement about companies, brands, and products based on image quality, so having this advanced camera could help an entrepreneur make the best first impression possible.

Face Recognition:

Entrepreneurs have sensitive information on their phone, perhaps more so than the general public. If you have business accounts, client’s personal information, or sensitive financial information accessible from your phone, you want to know that it is safe at all times. The iPhone X’s facial recognition technology is made to keep your phone secure. Even if someone steals your phone and puts it in front of your face, it will not unlock unless you stare directly into the camera.

Status: Entrepreneurs might want to impress clients, competitors, or potential lenders with their status. The new iPhones represent the top of the line as far as phones go, and people will take that to mean that the entrepreneur is responsible, successful, forward thinking, and in-the-know when it comes to technology.

The “Smartest” Smart Phone

In addition, the iPhone X has an astoundingly fast A 11 Bionic processor, which earns it the title of being one of the “smartest” smartphones. Entrepreneurs are often on the go, and need to be able to conduct business quickly. To the typical entrepreneur, time is money! The iPhone X can process data quickly, so entrepreneurs won’t waste valuable time waiting for a page or video to load.

Cons of the iPhone X

Cost: For an entrepreneur who is just starting out on their own, the cost of a new iPhone may be a strong deter ant. The new, special edition iPhone X costs over $1,000 dollars. This money might be more useful elsewhere in an entrepreneurs life.


Notched Design:

Business people spend a great deal of time online, learning about competition, watching videos in order to collect knowledge, or reading blog posts in order to stay on top of industry information. The notch in the top of the new iPhone X might be a con for someone who does not want a part of their screen blocked when they consume online content.

Charging Is Slow:

The new iPhones, including the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, and the iPhone X are capable of fast charging, but only if the right charging device is purchased. Without this add-on, the new iPhones, including the iPhone X might frustrate entrepreneurs who are always on the go. Time is a precious recourse, and entrepreneurs won’t want to waste a minute waiting for their phones to charge.

Could a new iPhone X help you take your entrepreneurial skills to the next level?

Entrepreneurs need to be skilled decision makers. Weighing the pros and cons can help us make rational decisions, but there is also an intuition factor. Think about what your mind says, when reading over this list, but also listen to your gut instinct. What will you decide?

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