Seven Reasons AdQuick is long on outdoor

Don’t be a joke. Take your business seriously and advertise where it matters.

  1. Outdoor advertising is antifragile — the disorder in other ad channels benefits outdoor advertising. As other channels are created (online ads) and destroyed (TV) by technology, outdoor advertising remains stalwart, unblockable, and consumption/impressions are actually increasing. As cord-cutting increases and ad-supported TV consumption disappears, the opportunities in outdoor advertising remain.
  2. Online ads — “so crowded no one ever goes there”: While online ads have dominated the marketing landscape over the past 10 years, there seems to be an ebbing in sentiment in among marketers. Banner blindness, repeated over-reporting of reach  “We want our ads seen by real people” — P&G spokesperson, via FT.
  3. Outdoor ads are social, shareable, and newsworthy: When AdQuick ran a billboard in Manhattan for Drake’s OVO clothing line, we measured the Instagram impressions and found that over 200k additional people had viewed the billboard via social media. See also Drake’s message to Rihanna — he sure likes billboards or Netflix’s latest campaign in LA. AdQuick helped Fight for the Future get their net neutrality message out and yielded at least five press articles.
  4. AdQuick makes it easier than ever to find, book and measure outdoor advertising campaigns: input your campaign parameters and AdQuick will send you a custom campaign in a user friendly, online platform. It’s easier than booking a flight (and you can keep your shoes on the entire time- or not!). You can build and book a campaign in under 5 total minutes with AdQuick!
  5. Outdoor ads become a part of people’s daily lives: Humans are creatures of habit — commutes, rituals, daily and weekly schedules. Outdoor advertising creates a consistent message with an incredibly high amount of frequency. A three month campaign will be seen 60+ times by a commuter. That regularity is impossible to match with any other ad channel.
  6. It works and is affordable for businesses of all sizes! Locations can start as low as $200 for an entire month of exposure. See how a local Orange Theory Fitness franchise owner proved almost 600% ROI with outdoor advertising and AdQuick’s turnkey shortcode solution.
  7. Outdoor advertising empowers your other channels: As outdoor advertising drives increased awareness for your brand, your online channels perform better. AdQuick has built proprietary analysis to track increases in geographic website visits and more efficient performance marketing so you can quantify the impact of OOH.

For all these reasons, you should be using outdoor advertising.

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About the author

Matthew O’Connor is the founder of AdQuick .

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