Month: October 2017

Why Your Brand Needs Vidcon And The Rise Of Creator Influence And Trust

For the last three years, I’ve made it a point to attend Vidcon, even if that meant missing the prestigious Cannes Lions. Why? Because the roots of shifting consumer behavior, trust and influence are evident to those paying attention. For those who are tracking what’s next, the future of entertainment and engagement is taking shape online Read More

Following Papadopoulos, Gates and Manafort Indictment, Facebook, Twitter, Google Testify in 2 Day Hearing

Facebook, Twitter, and Google to testify information on Russia’s interference with the 2017 U.S. Presidential Election.  This 2-day congressional hearing starts Tuesday at 2:30 pm EST on MSNBC. In the midst of it all, former Trump campaign lobbyists, George Papadopoulos, Rick Gates and Paul Manafort, have been indicted for conspiring with Ukrainian governments. Trump’s prior Read More

Women In Power Series: Interview with Shaz Kahng, Former Nike Exec & Author

The global retail mogul, Shaz Kahng, is one of the most recognized female apparel executives of this century, has published, The Closer , a novel inspired by her life experience. With a background as a scientific researcher, her precise and calculated nature has led her to auspiciously unexpected positions. Kahng was one of only a few Senior Read More

Discover the Virtual Reality World of the Kremer Museum

Imagine being able to walk to a 17th Century Dutch and Flemish masterpiece and being able to examine the surface up and colors up-close, as well as each work’s unique stamps and its record of ownership its back. Imagine being able to view such a collection from wherever in the world, accessible to all. Imagine Read More

Halloween 2017 Stay Home and Binge on Netflix Favorites

Not into getting dressed up for Halloween and impersonating an alter ego? Rather watch actors play their part in the comfort of your home or are you spooked by the recent incidence of random violence? You are not alone. Many people, who would typically be quite comfortable going out for entertainment, are staying in this Halloween Read More

Mr Robot Recap: If You Pull the Right Strings, a Puppet Will Dance Any Way You Desire

SPOILER ALERT In episode 3, ‘, viewers finally get to see the puppet masters behind the strings being pulled in season two. Between Irving (Bobby Cannavale) and White Rose (BD Wong), it’s clear that there is another level to the 3D, or perhaps even 4D chess that is Mr. Robot. Focusing primarily on previously unseen events Read More

App Delivers Summarized Text to Speech Mobile Audio for Real-Time News

Imagine that you’re driving, cooking,  or in line at the grocery store but would like to hear the latest news from your favorite news source, but must focus on the task at hand. Videos and texts require your undivided attention so how about podcasting? Edison Research study revealed that in 2017, 112 million Americans have listened Read More

Following “Honest Ads Act”, Twitter Launches Transparency Center for Political Ads

Twitter has just announced that they will be launching their very own Advertising Transparency Center in the coming weeks. This new center will fully disclose information on Twitter Ad Campaigns that are politically associated. Although this interactive tool will provide background information on all ads shown on Twitter, its primary focus is political ads and Read More

laptop on top of a bed

Recent Studies Link Blue Light Emission to Poor Sleep, Depression and Cancer

The Darker Side Of Blue Lights And What You Can Do About It The short-wavelength blue light, emitted by the screens on our tech gadgets, damages quality of our sleep, concludes a recent study published by the University of Haifa and Assuta Sleep Clinic. Another study published by Harvard Health Publishing links working the night Read More

Samsung Brings Apple Back to court over $400 million patent damages

There’s no bigger rivalry than the two tech giants: Samsung and Apple and you guessed it…there at it again! They’ve been dueling since 2012 and only but a year ago, the courts ruled in Apple’s favor after claiming that copyright violations can infringe on the product as a whole. However, Judge Lucy Koh has approved Read More

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