AMC VR Released: Debuted Bonus 360° Scene for The Walking Dead

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AMC has launched their own virtual reality video app, AMC VR, with access to the network’s most popular shows and exclusive content. Last night, the season 8 premiere of smash hit, The Walking Dead, showed a bonus scene that could only be seen via AMC VR. The official description for this scene stated:

“In this extended VR scene from the Season Premiere, you’ll not only see exactly how Gabriel and Negan each fought through the walker horde to end up in the trailer outside the Sanctuary together, you’ll experience it first-hand.

Watch Negan brutally fight his way out of the undead invasion, see what it’s like to be the Saviors’ leader under attack in his own home and find out what circumstances led Gabriel right into Negan’s hands.”

Check it Out Below! Just Imagine through AMC VR!

This extra 360° VR scene could very well give the company the boost they need for staying in the tech loop. Mac Mckean, AMC and Sundance TV’s EVP of Innovation and Product Development, said this move came “from a creative place and…In the early days of new technology like this, it really is about experimenting.” Believing that VR was the best option, McKean mentioned that, “Viewers want to enter the worlds they watch on AMC, and this app brings them there.”

The app contains a handful of shows as well such as Into the Badlands and the Walking Dead extended series, Attacked. Moreover, their Virtual Reality Fight Camp allows users to experience action-packed scenes choreographed by Daniel Wu and others. There will also be supplementary content such as behind the scenes footage and trailers only found through the app.

AMC VR is available for free download on IOS, Android, Gear VR and Google Daydream. Nearly 5,000 people have downloaded it from the Google Play Store and is currently rated at a 2.9 out of 5 stars.


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