App Delivers Summarized Text to Speech Mobile Audio for Real-Time News

Imagine that you’re driving, cooking,  or in line at the grocery store but would like to hear the latest news from your favorite news source, but must focus on the task at hand. Videos and texts require your undivided attention so how about podcasting? Edison Research study revealed that in 2017, 112 million Americans have listened to a podcast, up 11% in one year.

Now imagine going to one source for your podcast needs. This IOS devices app may be the solution.  Spokata, a New York-based startup led by Zack Sherman has launched a streaming Text to Speech Mobile audio platform for real-time news. The app promises to deliver the audio summaries, providing users with short, fact-based streams within seconds of the articles being published.

“Podcasting and music streaming are surging because on-demand audio delivers content within the context of mobility,” said Zack Sherman, CEO and founder of Spokata. “Video and text require your undivided attention. Spokata’s short format is explicitly designed for people on the go.”

Spokata IOS app key features are:

  • Dynamic content network – The network transforms breaking news from over 100 verified digital news sources
  • Daily Briefing – The top stories from around the world are automatically compiled into a short briefing delivered every morning
  • Custom playlists – About to hit the gym or head to work? Cue up stories from across Spokata’s channels to create your radio station
  • Social media friendly – Spokata makes audio more shareable than ever. Users can make sure their friends are on top of the news, and know what they care about, by sharing audio through integrations with Facebook and Twitter.

News sources

One big caveat of the app is that currently, Spokata is limited to 100 news verified sources such as CNET, CNN, and NPR. Smaller outlets or local news aren’t featured.


The company hasn’t clarified how it plans to monetize its service. Will the news outlets featured pay Spokata to be featured or will the users have to pay a subscription fee?  Questions that have been left unanswered but for now, it’s free.

The Scope Weekly has reached out to the company for comment, but we haven’t heard back. If new information is provided, we will update the article as needed.

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