Bourdain’s Food Documentary: Wasted in Theatres this Friday

Anthony Bourdain & Others Discuss Proper Food Management

In recent years, the issue of food has become a subject of interest not just for consumers but for preparers as well. The American chef, author, and broadcast celebrity, Anthony Bourdain, is featured in a documentary on food waste. Set to release October 13, Wasted: The Story of Food Waste digs deep into the environmental and ethical concerns of our present food management model. Directed by Anna Chai and Nari Kye, the film hopes to raise awareness on issues that can be easily resolved if food consumers and preparers take responsibility for what’s on their plates.

Being naturally skeptical of activism, Bourdain initially, “hated the whole idea of this movie.” Despite his resistance, he wanted to show viewers how commonly disposed of food waste could be transformed into wholesome and surprisingly delicious entrees. Using what you have while assuring that nothing gets left behind is Bourdain’s motto and other like-minded food connoisseurs would surely agree. Still, the average American family disposes of $1,500 worth of organic food waste per year indicating that the importance of resourcefulness has not trickled down onto the rest of the population. Forty percent of food is simply thrown away and these forgotten leftovers rack up an annual $1 trillion in management costs.

If these numbers are spoiling your appetite don’t worry, the film highlights a number of people from around the world that are carrying out innovative solutions. Take for instance Chef Dan Barber of the Stone Barns Center and how his strategies make him look like a modern food alchemist. He takes leftover fish and turns them into a stew known as bouillabaisse. This meal has become a universal treasure that at one point was another person’s trash. Another Chinese Cuisine foodie, Daniel Bowien, uses sushi scraps that would normally be discarded and instead creates his own “eco-feed.” This feeding alternative is an equally nutritious option to that of corn/soy products while making the most of valuable organic waste. This change in the pig’s diet may produce a richer pork meat as well proving that saving the environment can now taste better than ever before.

Wasted is set for release this Friday and intends to have a similar ethical impact as What the Health Netflix original. Our understanding of food consumption and food management must be put into perspective in order for the food supply to sustain itself in the coming years. With the growing demand for creative and eco-friendly solutions, it becomes clear that there is no food nor time to waste! Check the doc out in theatres, on demand, or Amazon/iTunes on October 13 and let us know how you felt after viewing it!

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