Cruise ships going the smartphone way

Technologie Revamps Cruise Vacations  — is the best way to describe the technological upgrades that have taken place on cruise ships and provided an enhanced and positive passengers experience. Gone are the days when people on cruise ships would spend days on the sea, completely isolated from the mainland. The ships of Royal Caribbean Cruises, rebranded smartships, have been equipped with high-tech gadgets and devices that enhances passenger comfort and convenience significantly.

Passengers are now able to access the Internet seamlessly using the power of speedy and reliable  Satellite Wi-Fi. Robots are deployed for bartending, and passengers can track their luggage using wristbands powered by RFID. The cruise industry has changed its ways to satisfy the demands of customers that is both sophisticated and tech savvy.

The need for Change

Passengers on cruise vacation often had a feeling of being marooned despite enjoying the onboard entertainments. The feeling was accentuated by the lack of communication and connectivity with the rest of the world while out to sea. The lifestyle on board was contrary to the life in the fast lane and even though, to disconnect the point of a vacation, felt too extreme for the new connected travelers.

With an eye on enhancing the passenger’s experience, the shipping companies are using technologies to bridge the gap between the on-board lifestyle and the lifestyle preferred by people. Providing around the clock Internet connectivity and mobile connectivity has changed the cruising experience. This transformation has widened the client-base and has attracted corporate accounts, and recently even the Millennials find it worthwhile to go on cruise vacations as they are assured of connectivity and social sharing their great vacation experience.

More than Satellite Wi-Fi

It’s not just great connectivity to the Internet on board through high-speed Wi-Fi that has changed.  The challenge of connectivity while out to has been successfully overcome, and this has changed the face of the industry like never before.Passengers can now stay connected online, engage in chats and interact on social media channels to share their cruise experiences in real time. Sharing photos, streaming Netflix HD videos on mobile devices, or playing Xbox games online with players from other parts of the world can all be done while cruising. Added to this are other technological features that have been added to delight passengers. Few of them are discussed below.

Bartending by Robots. For Real!

The bar on Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas is manned by two Kuka robots that are ready to prepare and serve cocktails to passengers. Passengers can order custom drinks that are chosen by scanning their RFID wristbands or from the menu. The robots can mix a thousand cocktails a day.

RFID Wristbands from Checkin to Partying

Passengers are provided with RFID wristbands that can be used for luggage tracking and for enjoying onboard activities. This process ensures that no luggage is misplaced. The wristbands can also be used to pay for items, check in during muster drills, and open the doors of their stateroom.

Technology has truly redefined cruise vacations given them the perfect, complete makeover. Stay tuned for more updates on modern cruise ship gadgets!

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