Best traveling apps for 2017

Even though as an entrepreneur you may not schedule time off, work, life balance is a must and with these great apps, you have no excuses to not book your getaway! The apps will make stress and jostle that come with any vacation a thing of the past or significantly diminished.

Entrepreneur Goes on Holiday



SunJack Solar Charger - Take me with you...Airbnb is a very popular app ideal for the entrepreneur visiting a city or passing through a cosmopolitan. Helps you make plans effortlessly about where you’ll stay once you arrive. The app also allows you to interact with your host exchanging messages via a messenger until you’re ready to share more information about your trip. It comes with lots of map options and images for the entrepreneur who needs to decipher the best place to stay while crisscrossing the globe. Airbnb is available on both iOS and Android.


You can also check out Skyscanner to help you plan for car rentals, hotels, and flights. The app gets you the best and yet most affordable options through various travel partners such as top deals closes to your current airport and destinations curated just for you. Skyscanner is also available on Android and iOS.

Instant messaging while abroad


This app mightn’t be big in the US, but out there in the most exotic vacation destinations around the world it’s huge.  With over a billion users globally, it’s every entrepreneur’s dream come true where instant video, images and text messaging are concerned, including video calling, a wholly new creation from the Facebook-owned app. Convince workers at the office or family back home to download it as well, and you can send them videos and pictures of your vacation wherever you’re around the world.  It’s available on iOS and Android.

Keep records while on vacation


As a frequent traveler, every entrepreneur deserves a tool to keep tabs on expenses.  Forget the often confusing excel sheets and track and organize your expenses as you digitally keep your receipts and scans. Best app to help you submit an expense report or invoice someone. App is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Keep time internationally


Entrepreneurs who have to criss-cross multiple time zones globally in their travel might find tracking time a headache. This app is an excellent timezone tracker allowing you to know the time wherever you’re presently and the exact time in the city you’re heading off to next.  Add your home city’s time perhaps to call and know how your family and friends are doing. Even overlapping times are shown where two individuals might be awake. It’s available on iOS only.

For a working Android alternatives, check the easy and simple to use World Clock & Widget app.

Secure web access

Every entrepreneur is constantly checking websites, social media sites and personal blogs for business or pleasure. However, as you travel you might find certain sites are blocked in specific countries, such as Google and its tools and Facebook. Virtual Private Network (VPN) apps offer hotspot shield and secure access to any blocked site.

Prepare yourself accordingly with the best VPNs such as IPVanish for both Android and iOS, or ExpressVPN also available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Language translator on the go


One of the most obvious shocks in a new land across the seas is communication. Understanding a new culture via language and communicating effectively is often very tricky and at most a real pain. With an app such as itranslate this problem can be put into the past. The app offers dictionary and translation capability supporting over 90 languages and diverse dialects. It’s also free, and text input makes the translation rather easy. A little in-app investment can get you extra voice recognition features. Check it on Android and iOS.

Bon Voyage!

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