Halloween 2017 Stay Home and Binge on Netflix Favorites

Not into getting dressed up for Halloween and impersonating an alter ego? Rather watch actors play their part in the comfort of your home or are you spooked by the recent incidence of random violence? You are not alone. Many people, who would typically be quite comfortable going out for entertainment, are staying in this Halloween to avoid potentially dangerous situations. These concerns make sense in a time when something as ordinary as going to a concert or spending an evening at a nightclub or the movies could have deadly consequences, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have some fun.

Netflix, the dominant streaming option for home television audiences is set to give viewers a safe and entertaining Halloween binge watching that will make going out on Halloween seem pale by contrast.


Halloween at Home with Netflix

Finding a great series to binge watch on Netflix has never been easier. They are constantly adding entertaining original series as well as series from other production companies to their extensive library. Halloween viewing is no exception. Simply choose the genre and level of scariness then sit back and enjoy.

The much-anticipated October 27th release timing for season two of the Netflix original series STRANGER THINGS is spot on for your Halloween binge watching enjoyment. The supernatural thriller, set in 1980’s Indiana, delves into how the disappearance of a 12-year-old boy connects to a mysterious creature from a nearby power plant. The show is ideal for Halloween bingeing as it skillfully blends elements of horror, criminal investigation, and science fiction.

Love on Netflix

This Netflix original romantic comedy series, now in its second season, gives an unflinching yet hilarious look at modern dating. LOVE follows the relationship of Mickey Dobbs and Gus Cruikshank, giving equal time to both male and female perspectives of relationships. Although the series is sometimes almost too realistic and the characters not purely warm and empathetic; audiences rave about the unique and honest dealings with the subject matter. A binge session of LOVE would be a true treat this Halloween.

This blockbuster British hit, now moving into its fourth season, began as a somewhat satirical and dark look at potential consequences stemming from new technology. BLACK MIRROR shines a light on various unforeseen effects of the unrestricted use of cutting-edge technology. The series has elicited a great deal of thought and debate among its viewers while opening audiences up to the many facets of technology. It is an ideal binge show because each show is created to stand alone and has a different cast. So, if you suspect that your binge may be interrupted by trick-or-treaters, you will be able to watch a single episode and then pick up where you had stopped without missing a beat.

Defenders on Netflix

If you want to channel your inner superhero for a night of action-packed bingeing, this is tailor-made for you. In what insiders call an unprecedented deal, Netflix joined forces with Marvel Comics creating a collection of four original series based on individual superheroes. LUKE CAGE, JESSICA JONES, DAREDEVIL, and THE IRON FIST all tie together with the over-arching miniseries THE DEFENDERS. With content from the four series as well as the miniseries, your Halloween binge could last far into November.

Luke Cage

LUKE CAGE– The series follows title character, Luke Cage a gritty blue-collar hero in Hell’s Kitchen New York. He was not looking to become a hero, but the people need his help. The series is the highest rated of the Netflix-Marvel programs.

Jessica Jones – Netflix

JESSICA JONES A former superhero who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, Jessica runs a detective agency while struggling with her emotional demons. The show received critical acclaim for its superior directing and acting.

DAREDEVIL– This highly celebrated series explores the life of blind New York attorney Matt Murdock, also known as Daredevil. As a child, Murdock lost his sight, and he now uses his heightened senses as his counterpart to protect the city. The program enjoyed a warm reception; receiving nominations and winning numerous awards.

THE IRON FIST Martial arts expert Danny Rand can call on the power of the Iron Fist to give him superpowers. As Iron Fist, he protects citizens of Hell’s Kitchen New York.

So, grab some popcorn, your bestie, and your favorite Halloween brew then stay in for a ghoulishly great binge session.

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