Startup Competitions Ready to Empower Women Entrepreneurs

Women-led startups aren’t usually celebrated much; the startup world remains largely dominated by men and funds tend to go to men-led enterprises. Just seven percent of investor funding go to women. These women-led startups are equally focused on problem-solving for our world, businesses and people apart from being disruptive and innovative. Considering all the hurdles women have to surmount to make their startups successful, their stories are remarkable and highly motivating.

Upcoming startup competitions to the rescue.

Startups competitions, challenges, and contests which reward entrepreneurs, including women, are now all the rage. Any woman with a disruptive idea can bring her dream into reality. The beauty of most startup competitions is that even without winning the funding the benefits are still immense. Most competitions offer resources and networking opportunities to participants.

Startup competitions and contests to watch out include Women Startup Challenge VR, AR and AI.It provides cash prizes of $50,000 as well as offering access to services friendly to startups and investor consultations.
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CodeLaunch Pitch Day
is another annual seed accelerator created for all people who have App ideas and looking for seed funding. The only qualification for the application is an app idea.

Annual New York StartUP! Business Plan Competition is great for women (and anyone else) living in New York and has a startup that has earned less than $10,000. The startup contest offers funding opportunities to those with a business model or ideas in the startup stage.

Other startup contests and competitions offering funding and other resources include Mentor Capital Network Sustainable Business Plan Competition, Arch Grant’s Global Startup Competition, Burton D. Morgan Business Plan Competition and others such as Tory Burch Foundation that empowers women everywhere who decide to be ambitious with capital, fellowships, and education.

The startup sphere for women is twice as hard to break into. But they’re those who’ve made it and nothing short of sheer brilliance, creativity, disruptive innovations and problem-solving ideas see them through.

Here are five women-led startups disrupting their worlds.


Led by the CEO Laila Partridge, WegoWise is an energy and water benchmarking platform. It has the largest building energy database across the United States for the provision of utility measurement, verification, and benchmarking services to managers and owners of properties.


A 500-Startups-backed app founded by CEO Eve Peters. Whim is a dating app that gets individuals from their phones into a date through a couple of taps. Eve has worked at OkCupid Labs and created the Crashpad, a website for finding apartment and roommates. She’s also the CEO and founder of MIXTT, a group dating site.

Lavish Life

Founded by its CEO, Sarika Batra, Lavish Life is a startup that seeks to transform the wellness world through mass education via curated, efficient and safe natural beauty products through quality video marketing. Sarika is also the host, producer and founder of Andaaz TV, the first South Asian show in the US on the Sony Entertainment Television airing in more than 150 countries.

Rate My Media

Lou & GreyA startup that advances media and racial literacy to foster inclusion and equity in the media, Rate My Media is a brainchild of Dr. Brendesha Tynes. The app was created with the belief that the media one consumes should represent him or her accurately. The app lets you have a say in the manner this is carried out. Tynes is the Digital Learning and Development Lab director at USC Rossier and an education and psychology associate professor.


A multi-million dollar tech startup, it was founded by CEO Talia Mashiach. Eved is a comprehensive solution for events and meeting planners founded in 2010. After partnering with clients from Fortune 500 companies, Talia, together with her team, created collaborative procurement type of platform automating event related selling, buying, payment processing and accounts payable. Talia has built successful tech startups before, such as an event management and destination company based in Chicago with annual $9 million revenue. She’s also an inductee of the Chicago Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame.

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