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Advancement in technology has changed the world and even the way we travel. From booking tickets and finding accommodations to knowing your way around a new city, modern gadgets make it all much easier! It does not end at personal convenience. Technology has even shaped today’s travel and hospitality industry. Back in the days, great hotel customer service meant the combination of friendly staff, genuine hospitality, and complimentary perks. Now, however, tourists expect more than just gracious hotel staff. They want high-tech services that make their stay enjoyable, comfortable, and convenient.

Keeping that mind, hotels around the world are now trying to offer tech-enhanced and personalized services that make it easier for tourists to accomplish various tasks.  In order, to offer the guests a tech-friendly experience, many hotels are offering Smartphone tools, keyless entry, tech-savvy rooms and much more. Let’s take a look at some of these features, and how they are making a difference.


Smartphone tools:

Smartphones are great assets! You can get a number of things done simply by tapping on the screen of your phone. And it seems like the popular resorts and hotels are trying to bank on this by putting the power in the palm of your hands! From in-room controls to room service, you can now design your experience from the moment you check into a hotel!


The top hotels in the U.S have dedicated texting concierge that is ready to handle the guests’ requests at all times. All you need to do is send a text stating what you need, be it room service, toiletries, clean towels, drinks, and the hotel staff will get it for you within minutes! You can even turn your phone into a remote control and use it to use the TV, adjust room temperature and more.


Tech-savvy rooms:

How would you like to watch your favorite Netflix series on a big flat-screen TV, while lying down on the comfortable hotel bed, and munching on delicious snacks? Now it is possible! The tech-savvy hotels allow you to connect your gadgets such as laptops, Smartphones, and tablets to your room’s TV so that you can check out your photos, stream videos, play music, and check flight status. Some of these hotels even offer complimentary Wi-Fi connections that rock as high as 100mb bandwidth Internet for super speedy connections.


Keyless entry:

Everyone knows the hassle of losing keycards! And even if you manage to keep yours safe and sound in your purse or bag, it takes you forever to dig through the personal items to find it. To eliminate this nuisance, hotels have replaced keycards with a better technology — keyless entry. That’s right! You can unlock your room using an app on your Smartphone.


Virtual reality:

Gone are the days when you would book accommodations, and pray that it turn out to be decent! Now with the help of virtual reality, you can see what the hotel/resort looks like even before you have checked in. With many of the hotels offering virtual tours and extensive photo galleries, the buyer’s decision-making process has been made a piece of cake!



Will you be surprised and scream “the future is here” if you saw a robot standing at your door, delivering room service? While it sounds quite fantastical, it is true! In numerous hotels around the world, robots not only make standard room deliveries, but they can also pick up coffee from the Starbucks that’s stationed at the hotel lobby. Hotel staff can even communicate with their guests by connecting to the robot and manipulating its movements from a remote location.

Apps that expand your traveling experience


Aside from making hotels high-tech havens, modern technology has a lot to offer to individual tourists. If you are bitten by the travel bug and feel an unquenchable thirst for visiting places around the world, technology can take the stress out of travel planning. Thanks to the slew of gadgets and applications, you can now make the most of your vacations. Here’s a list of apps that tech-savvy travelers would find useful:



With this app, you can create unique postcards with your personal images. You can upload the photos and selfies to the app and create virtual postcards. All you have to do is upload the picture, add your text, connect it to the recipients’ address, and hit “send”. You can even get the app to print paper copies of your postcard and send it via USPS. In that case, you would have to pay through your credit card. Postagram is a fun app for creative people who love to send vacation postcards to their loved ones.



This app is a must-have for all the stargazers out there. If you struggle to find constellations, this app will help you. If you open the app on your phone and point it at the night sky, the app will show you the visible constellations and their names. Now you can impress your travel companions with your vast knowledge of the night sky.


Word Lens:

An absolute genius, Word Lens is essential for international travels. If you are planning to visit a country where they speak French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, or Russian, you must get this app now! If you see a sign or any other text that you need to get translated, all you have to do is point the phone camera to it and hit “translate”. The app will translate the text into English or any other language of your preference. You can even use it on restaurant menus!


Pocket Travel Consultant:

This app offers full destination guides free of cost. The in-app map guides you through the unknown streets of the city, and the other features suggest popular sightseeing spots, recommended restaurants, shopping malls and a lot more. All you have to do is download the maps for the respective city/cities you are traveling to before you leave. This way, you would not need Wi-Fi connectivity while on the road!

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