2017 Trends: Best Wearable Tech for New Parents

No longer is wearable tech only for fitness enthusiasts but has now entered the field of parenting. Find out which gadgets and devices are promising to make parenting easier.

Baby Shusher

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or not as a new parent baby cries can be disconcerting. The bundle of joy can sometimes be inconsolable. With the Baby Shusher, you can calm the baby by imitating the womb’s rhythmic sounds ensuring the little one doesn’t cry. The quality tech works by exciting the natural baby calming reflex.

Breast Pump

With a mother’s breast milk noted for its superior and special nutrients, any new mom would love to give their little one as much of the natural wonder food as possible. Rather than keep running home to breastfeed the baby a breast pump can help to ensure there’s always bottle full of the special food and drink for the newest and first entry into the household.Here is a list from the Consumers Affairs of the Best Breast Pump for 2017.

Smartphone apps

In this time and age, a Smartphone might not look like a special recommendation for a new mother, but it definitely is! As our offline social lives get thinner the apps for virtually everything, even nursing a baby, increases. Thus, when your days or month old bundle of joy has the flu or some condition you hardly understand at the middle of the night a few apps will get you the answer you need rather than wake up your mother thousands of miles away. Sleepless nights are also a new reality, and the device will come in handy as the little one falls asleep in your hands. Check out those parenting apps.

Movement Monitor-Snuza Baby

It’s hard to know when to check on your baby or monitor her movement. Snuza is a monitor that detects the baby movements that allows you to do other duties as the device, clipped on the diaper of the baby close to her tummy, does all the work. In case the device senses zero movements for a quarter of a minute a shrill from the alarm will alert you to go and check the little one.

Itzbeen Pocket Nanny

A new mom who is trying to juggle entrepreneurship, clients, and a baby needs all the help she can get. The pocket nanny from Itzbeen is a unique piece of tech allowing you to keep track of the little one’s diaper affairs, feeding, and naps, among others.

Watch Over Me Dream Station

A busy parent can get a few extra hours of sleep with this critical tech that’s intelligent enough to know when the baby has woken up, gets a bottle fixed up for the toddler before rocking the little angel back to her dreams. It’s a singular mobile tech that will intelligently decipher the baby’s sleep stage and react with the right noise and lights fitting the occasion.

Web viewing baby video monitor (with or without remote viewing)

Would you like to know what the nanny does with your bundle of joy at home while out there meeting the needs of your clients? What about peeking at the special little bundle of joy in your breaks at work? A video baby monitoring device enabled with web viewing maximizes the power of the internet, home camera, and wireless connection to connect you with your home or baby’s nursery. Nannys aren’t perfect and keeping an eye on the toddler can give you some much-needed peace of mind. Make sure to purchase one with high-security levels and privacy protection, since some nanny cams have been vulnerable to hacking. Or select one without remote viewing for additional privacy.

SNOO, “smart” crib for fussy babies

Previously mentioned at RPRNmag, is the SNOO, marketed as the first “smart “crib for babies who have difficulties sleeping. SNOO has been recognized for his ‘5 S’s’ standing for Swaddle, Side-stomach, Shush, Swing, Suck. It is these five magic ingredients that can soothe any colicky child to a better night’s sleep and were integrated into the design of the SNOO, and also soothe parents.


kaaria onesieFinally, Kaaria, a Medtech startup worth discovering and watching that believes in giving back.

Kaaria, a holding company for various MedTech upcoming parenting and health devices, is bringing to market its first product: Kaaria Onesie, which features a no-crotch snap design, ultra-soft cotton, and no-scratch Velcro closures. The onesie is made in Minnesota, and with each purchase of Kaaria Baby onesie, the startup will donate a onesie to a hospital for a baby in need.  Worth mentioning –  Paul Saarinen, CEO of Kaaria and Annamarie Saarinen, co-founder of Kaaria are also co-founders of the Newborn Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to “to save newborn lives and improve health outcomes.”

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