“Adventures in Babysitting” Olivia Pope is Dead Long Live Command – Scandal Season 7, Episode 5 Recap

Scandal, Season 7, Episode 5 SPOILER ALERT

We are confronted with an Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) or a version of Pope pumped up to the 10th degree in the latest episode of Scandal, titled “Adventures in Babysitting.” Alas, the title may have been best called, “Olivia is Dead Long Live Command,” as Olivia knocks some sense into all the other players in her court. And she reigns on her Royaume, better-described as an oligarchy, where she holds the most power with an iron fist.

Like Father Like Daughter

First, she belittles Rowan, her father (Joe Morton), who is fittingly in this power play, sitting on a stool like a dunce for recruiting behind her back  Fitz’s (Tony Goldwyn) help, and scolding him, while reminding him that he has lost all privileges in this new rules book, and that he won’t regain any until he learns to play nice. Rowan being Rowan, he ignores her, and he goes back to Fitz again advising him to go back to Vermont, which is ignored by Fitz. Predictably, Fitz runs to Olivia to try to talk her down and when that doesn’t work, rats her out to Mellie, talking about betrayals. He tells me all about the Pentagon funds diverted to fund B-613, the killing Luna Vargas (Tessie Santiago) and so much more

The President

Understandably Mellie (Bellamy Young) is furious. She always knew that Olivia was the bitch-boss but when doing all that is necessary to advance their political program involves”murdering the vice president,” that’s taking it too far, and she wants to completely rid herself off Olivia, the problem is, she can’t. On the romantic front, Mellie wants to keep President Rashad (Faran Tahir) alive by handling a coup in his country, especially now that they have admitted to having feelings for one another but Mellie has some seriously bad karma on the romantic front and will not get her wish. While Jake (Scott Foley) and  Olivia work on sabotaging the coup by orchestrated two different factions working together and plan to kill the leader of one faction and blame it on the other faction, while Rashad sweeps in to restore rule and peace, but unfortunately, all does not end well on that front. Since Scandal wouldn’t be Scandal without an explosion, the plane carrying Rashad explodes on the tarmac shortly after landing in in his country to which he returned to reclaim power.

The episode ends with a furious and heartbroken Mellie and many unanswered questions.  Who was behind the explosion? Did Rashad really have to die to advance the plot? Could Olivia have been responsible for the tarmac explosion? Who is in control? Why can’t Mellie get some loving in her life? Come on!

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