Apple Launches Free Workshops in 5th Annual Hour of Code Instruction

Apple Empowers the Tech-Disadvantaged With Free Classes from Coding Experts

Yesterday, Apple announced registration is available for their fifth annual Hour of Code workshops. Hosted at all Apple retailers, thousands of hours worth of free educational instruction will occur between December 4th-10th. Professional coders make annually a median of $79,530 which is great for those seeking a career in programming and can greatly benefit residents living in a rural or marginalized community with limited access to quality coding education. On average, nearly 50% of people in bucolic regions of India, China, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Japan, the U.K. and the U.S. don’t have access to the internet. In the U.S., 23% of city-dwellers don’t have the internet and almost 30% in rural areas. That is a large untapped demographic that can’t take advantage of the coding goldmine at the end of the rainbow. This Hour of Coding endeavor could open up doors for people wanting to have more of a tech influence while granting them immense financial opportunities.

With an emphasis on coding, Apple will also incorporate competitive challenges designed to educate others on app development via Swift Playgrounds. Additional teaching resources will be introduced to their ‘Everyone Can Code‘ curriculum along with guidance on digital robotics. This week-long event is taking place during Computer Science Education Week in hopes of encouraging young people to learn more about tomorrow’s technology.

Free hour-long coding instruction will educate kids 12+ on the basics in their ‘Kids Hour Sessions.’ Young ambitious coders will play with Swift to learn the concepts of coding and how to program robots. Their Hour of Code Challenge instructs students to create a digital robot and personalize its features. Apple’s new and improved Everyone Can Code curriculum has a free guide to emulate this challenge in “schools, community centers and after-school programs.” Teachers can do this through the Swift app while using the guide as a template. Swift Playgrounds is available for free in the App Store with 15 different languages to choose from including English, Spanish, Chinese and more. Every week, coding professionals can attend ‘Teacher Tuesdays’ to gain the most valuable resources to guide and engage their students.

Locate a store near you and register for a coding session by clicking here! 

This is an excellent way for young people to get in the know about coding and programming. Apple continues to innovate and took its educational motives several steps further for their 5th anniversary.

Are you going to join a free hour of coding session? Have you already and if so, how was your experience(s)? Let us know what you think by dropping a note and stay tuned for the turn out!

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