ePlay Digital Nearing Launch of Sports AR Game: ePlay Go

Eplay Go is nearing the launch of their fantasy sports augmented reality (AR) game. In August, the company, ePlay Digital, announced that they would add Go to their product line while utilizing Apple’s ARKit and Mobovivo’s Sports Game Engine. They hoped to create an exclusive experience for sports fans of all ages, and although an exact release date is still unknown, experts speculate its arrival before the end of this year.



The specifics of ePlay Go was described at a recent press conference saying, “ePlay’s forthcoming augmented reality game is taking players’ headshots and molding them onto 3D models to create life-size avatars that will be dispersed throughout streets, shops and cities. Hold your phone up to see Stephen Curry and higher still to see the much taller LeBron James, or at least a reasonable digital facsimile. The cartoony renderings might wink, smile or fist pump upon your approach.” These athletes may appear during certain times at designated locations based on their game schedule, guest appearances, etc. Now they can have a much more personalized experience with the athletes by allowing users to take selfies and even walk with their favorite sports players.

ePlay’s AR Ad Kit with sample augmented reality sleeve advertisement.

The CEO Said

Company CEO, Trevor Doerksen, said that his motivation for incorporating AR into sports is for the large segment of fans who do not play or gamble but merely enjoy to watch the events and play fantasy sports every so often. Doerksen’s logic begged the question,

“What would the Candy Crush player want out of sports? What would the Pokémon Go player want out of sports?”

The answer to this query has stirred up quite a buzz and the seven-time NBA Champion, Robert Horry, was one of the company’s first investors. Sports broadcaster, Lindsay McCormick also joined the AR team creating her own avatar after “falling in love with it,” saying that “Sports is something that everybody loves. To see a sports version of Pokémon Go, I think, is going to be massive.”


Moreover, users can customize their own personal avatar by taking a selfie and designing the physical appearance and wardrobe of their character. Doerkson plans on teaming up with different athletic organizations and player associations for advertising and sponsorships. Advertisements, he says, can be visible in the AR’s background or on the athlete’s clothes while simultaneously reminding users of team schedules and other relevant content. The CEO said that sales reps “can move from selling mostly just concrete today or digital ads on screens to something that’s at least mobile activated and, very likely, implemented the way that those teams would like to implement it their brands (such as) retail-activated.”

I suppose if people can’t see the gaming event in person, ePlay Go will bring a more interactive sports experience to them. This fun and innovative approach to AR may be enough to attract the casual player while creating a new playing field for digital advertisers and sponsors.  Doerkson and his team are attempting to create a more technologically advanced future for the industry, but the question is; will sports fans be a part of his fantasy?

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