HP Tech Ventures Celebrates Startups Assistance Program

Startups Get HP Tech Ventures Assistance

HP Inc. has been known for its keen eye and innovative nature to anything it touches in the tech industry. Officially becoming a separate entity from Hewlett Packard Enterprise November 2016, HP Inc. hit the ground running. In efforts to expand its outreach and further the global influence of technology, the company announced in an official press release the debut of HP Tech ventures in May 2016. This platform is focused on investments and partnerships with startup tech organizations. HP’s ambitions of becoming the stepping stone for emerging corporations stretches from their home base in Palo Alto, CA to Tel Aviv, Israel. HP’s new Tech Venture is keeping their eye out for state of the art initiatives ranging from immersive computing to artificial intelligence. According to HP’s official press release, HP Chief Technology Officer and Head of HP Labs, Shane Wall shared that, “The next technology revolution is shifting towards strategic markets that speak to HP’s strengths. With our global brand and broad reach into consumer and commercial markets worldwide, HP can help startups bring products to the market, build their business and scale in the global marketplace as they grow.”

HP We are the inventorsCorporations’ taking an interest in the startup community is not a new concept. Many have followed in the footsteps of this strategy originally adopted by Intel Corp in the early 1990s. Based out of Santa Clara, CA, Intel Capital has become a leading investment firm focused on merging, acquiring, and investing equity related to up and coming tech startups. Intel Capital has partnered with nearly 700 different organizations elevating many startups to the peak of exposure needed for success. Take for instance Maana, an analytics platform that simplifies big-data acumens into user-friendly business applications has accumulated $26 million to date. Intel’s venture portfolio, valued at more than $1 billion, is currently on the market and company reps are scouting for potential buyers of these assets

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), formerly one with the newly sovereign HP Inc., launched their own venture capital investment firm in 2014 and have partnered with 15 different companies. Hewlett Packard Ventures offers support to developing organizations focused on Cloud, Information networks, Big Data and Security that have formerly received funds from a venture capital firm and have completed the initial development stage of their product/service. One of their most exciting investments, Mesophere Inc., a computing startup specializing in cloud, containerization, and microservices received an investment of $73 million from HPE.

HP Tech Ventures is the new kid on the block hoping to accelerate the growth of startups that have market potential. Learning the ropes from seasoned professionals backed by almost a century of experience with HPE, the opportunity is seamlessly endless. The organization aims to empower and add value to its partners by utilizing a worldwide network comprised of channel and distribution groups, talented tech departments along with large-scale manufacturing and supply chain contacts. HP Tech Ventures got the ball rolling prior to the HPE split but did not announce its intentions until earlier this week. Nevertheless, the company envisions a strong community founded on the premise of serving and assisting tech startup innovation.

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