Must-Have Apple Devices for Small Businesses

With technological advancement, focus started shifting from PCs to tablets and smartphones. Seeing this as a lucrative opportunity, Apple Inc. began expanding its target reach from individual customers to companies. Apple devices have a loyal following in the US and around the world. The reason is not just their sleek and stylish designs. These smart devices are packed with advanced features that offer a tangible upside. In fact, the growing popularity of iPad and iPhone among the employees has prompted businesses to rewrite their policies and change their conventional buying patterns. Over the past years, iPhone replaced BlackBerry as the ideal mobile phone for businesspeople. On the other hand, the iPad can now perform tasks that were once reserved for the computer.

JointVenture from Apple:

The company’s vision for small businesses does not end in its innovative products. Back in 2011, Apple launched a program called JointVenture with the aim of providing support to startups that want to integrate Apple products into their corporate environment. The company described this initiative as a way to help businesses use iPhone, Mac, and iPad so that they can improve the way business processes are performed. This program operates a lot like the company’s “Genius Bars” ”that is located inside the retail stores. However, the main difference is that in JointVenture, the technical training and support such as installation and usage are designed for small businesses.

JointVenture starts at $499 per year when purchased with a brand new Mac, and it also includes technical support for five systems. The features of this service include support, company training, and assistance with data transfer and installation. Since the time of its official launch, JointVenture has prompted many businesses to switch to Apple products. The additional support services made the entire process smooth and hassle-free for companies. This program also proves that Apple is serious about making its contribution to the small business community.

Apple devices every small business needs:

The demand for various Apple products is growing as more and more businesses are adapting to better and smarter technology. Devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac boast a wealth of functions and features that are highly useful for businesses. PC-free updating and activation, messages on the locked screen, notifications of emails, secured private networking, encrypted email, location based reminder, and wireless app distribution are only some of the many features that iPhone and iPad users enjoy. Not to mention the App Store that is filled with business friendly software and applications that cover everything starting from secure networking to time management. Some of these essential iOS business apps include CudaSign, Splashtop Business, Telegram and so on.

iPhone for business:

As it is mentioned before, the iPhone has successfully replaced its competitors as the ultimate business phone. The company claims that by putting iOS and iPhone technology at the centre of the business strategy, small businesses can open an era of new possibilities. Not only will the employees be empowered with the devices they love, but it will also increase productivity and innovation. It is quite true that the iPhone has made various tasks simpler and hassle-free, and this is something start-up businesses can surely use. The 3D touch on the iPhone 6s, and the range of new IT management tools in iOS 9 are some of the best innovations by Apple. The latest iPhones offer high security and a world-class user experience.

iPad for business:

In the words of Apple, the iPad can change the way you work in a big way! With iPad, you get an array of excellent apps that help you complete tasks that you previously could not imagine doing without a computer. This device makes it easier for you to create spreadsheets and impactful presentations on the go. You can even collaborate with your teammates with just a touch! Now the iPad Pro and iOS 9 offers, even more, features that give you more ways to be productive.

Mac for business:

Organizations around the world realize the potential that Mac helps their employees reach. With the freedom to work with tools they know, employees can work faster and more efficiently. Mac is built with the best software and hardware, and it has also been designed to work smoothly with iPads and iPhones. OS X has also made it easier for IT companies to deploy at scale. The Mac is packed with the most advanced technologies including state of the art processor, storage, graphics, and memory. Don’t be fooled by its slim and sleek design; the Mac is an energy-saving powerhouse.

Benefits of using Apple devices for small business:

Being the owner of a small business, it is okay for you to wonder whether the investment you make in Apple devices will be worth it. Before you make any decision, take a look at the benefits of using Apple products for businesses:

1. Accomplish a lot more with the system of your choice:

As an individual, you must have tried Apple products for personal use. So, why not use them for business? Most of the major finance and tax software systems, as well as office and productivity tools, have Mac versions. When running your business, you will have to use these tools and software every day. Using them on the device you have previously used will not only increase productivity, but it will also make work an enjoyable experience. Also, since all Apple products have the same operating system, you won’t have to worry about issues related to syncing and compatibility.

2. Easy communication and collaboration:

Back in the days, iPhone stole the hearts of the users by providing them the opportunity to check emails on the go. Smartphones are being used for various tasks now more than ever. With an iPhone, carrying out these tasks becomes a piece of cake, and effective communication is at the core of it. If you have to travel frequently or have to communicate with teammates who work from remote locations, the iPhone and iPad makes it easier for you to keep in touch with them. You can even conduct video call while traveling using your smart device!

3. Leave an impact with terrific presentations:

Have to make a compelling presentation, but you don’t have access to a computer? If you have an iPad, you won’t need the PC for making these presentations. You can create amazing demos and displays by using the iOS apps and tools. Even on the relatively smaller screen of the iPhone, you can create fantastic high-definition contents that will create magic in business meetings.

So, now that you are aware of the pros of using Apple devices for small business give it a go. Don’t forget to research extensively before deciding which ones are the most essential for your business operations.

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