Product Review: Top 10 Accounting Software for Freelancers

Every freelancer needs to make the most of their finances and track their payments, expenses and other accounting tasks not just for tax reasons, but also measure profitability and business outlook. With hundreds of accounting tools out there, you need one that tracks expenses, does invoicing, imports bank related transactions and reporting, while enjoying other features such as expenses overview, sales reports and tax summaries, among others. Here are top 10 worth checking out today.


This useful software provides all the accounting features necessary for a freelancer.  These includes automated importation of transactions such as from PayPal accounts, tracking of estimates, management of recurring invoices, handling typical invoicing as well as ability to save receipts for future reference and payroll. In fact, at a small fee you can use Wave to receive credit card payments; allows customers to pay for invoices immediately.

Zoho Books

Tool offers reporting on tax summaries, expenses overview and sales reports among others, import of bank transactions, expenses and invoices, quotes or estimates and time tracking. The advanced accounting tool even allows customer to check the invoices and estimates by login in; you also receive updates that the client has received and viewed the bill. In just a few clicks, the entire billing process-from time tracking to the submission of the final invoice-is done.


Comes with a mobile app full of features and allows a freelancer to track their time, scan invoices and carry out full accounting. The timer can be used on both the desktop and its mobile app. Also allows the purchase of envelopes and stamps within the sales page if a client wants a printed invoice handed to them on your behalf.


Less here means minimized clicking with only a few steps required to complete basic tasks. You can make instant invoice payment application, connect outstanding invoice to imported payments. Tool offers a depreciation chart for selected data range reporting that will bring a smile on any accountant. By adding a vehicle or two you can easily begin to track your mileage.


Famous and the easiest tool to find virtually in all computers, QuickBooks might not have time tracking but offers typical features such as reporting, importing transactions, expenses and invoicing, quotes and estimates to submit to prospective clients. Its import feature is super fast and includes a great dashboard and superb reports. It’s different from most accounting tools out there because it allows the listing of vendors.


A comprehensive accounting software and free, it has tens of diverse accounting features in a user-friendly design. You can actually download on Linux, Windows and Mac with ease. It’s very comprehensive for free software.


An accounting tool that’s easy to use, it allows freelancers to send purchase orders, invoices, quotes, track payments and bills and even reconcile accounts. Payments are recorded with ease, including management of vendors.


This software allows setting up of automatic reminders for invoice payment once they are due and submission of a ‘thank you’ via email once the payment of the bill has been done. Great for service or project-based freelancers, particularly those who’d like to bill clients for expenses and hours.


This accounting tool allows you to manage projects, submit recurring invoice while tracking your expenses. Expense and invoice management is effortless.


Highly useful accounting tool build for freelancers by freelancers. It allows client management, expenses, and invoice tracking amidst giving the user a clear image of what their freelancing business looks like.

Not all tools are created equal or charge the same invoicing fees, so comparing features, options, and cost can be beneficial when choosing the right one for your business.

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