Recap: Scandal Season 7, Episode 6 , Quinn Gets Married & Taylor Swift Reputation

Scandal, S7 E06 Vampires and Bloodsuckers – Spoiler Alert

Last week, we left Melly  (Bellamy Young)  heartbroken over the death of her President but not broken, never broken, while Olivia(Kerry Washington) chased back to Vermont her president (Tony Goldwyn) and spoke truth to power to her father (Joe Morton). Mellie, in all of her presidential glory and in the hope of salvaging her nuclear treaty meets with the Bashrani ambassador to deal with the aftermath of President Rashad’s assassination. And we even find out who was responsible for the big tarmac blown-up.

And the perpetrators are “Vampires and Bloodsuckers “.  Horror, it was Olivia, Jake (Scott Foley), and their B-613 cohorts, leaving many of Scandal’s fan aghast about how dirty Olivia’s white hat has become. And as the truth about the explosion is revealed, we see a shadow pass across Olivia’s face. It’s not her father she has become, but her mother, a ruthless killer who thinks nothing of destroying young lives.

Scandal, season 7, episode 6

And while all this political drama is thrilling, let’s not forget that this day belongs to Quinn, the pregnant and bride-to-be. And she’s a no-show, leaving Abby (Darby Stanchfield) to wonder if Quinn (Katie Lowes) got cold feet and had left Charlie(George Newbern) at the altar but Charlie never doubts her and rightly so.  The truth is much more sordid. Quinn has been kidnapped.

Turns out that Quinn, in her gladiator ways, has figured out who was responsible for the plane explosion that has left the Ambassador and his young niece dead, and Quinn is not forgiving the culprits.  She disappears right after confronting Olivia about the bombing and revealing she has a witness. She more or less threatened Olivia to spill the beans to Curtis Pryce (Jay Hernandez), a  TV Personality and Olivia’s brief fling and then she’s just gone.

With Charlie in despair, the Gladiators work overtime to locate her, with Olivia feigning care for Quinn’s safety, when the truth is,  she is only concerned for what she considers to be her mission: protecting the Republic and B-613. But even Olivia, as the realization that Quinn may be in danger, puts the full power of her network to solve the mystery of the missing Quinn.

Scandal’s Mystery of the Week

The twist in this week’s dilemma is that while the team rushes to rescue Quinn from evident danger, we discover that B-613 didn’t take Quinn. And she didn’t leave Charlie at the altar. This is confirmed in the episode’s final scene when Jake finds evidence that Quinn was actually in the elevator at QPA, on her way to her wedding, just moments before she disappeared.

So Quin is not a runaway bride and not out there plotting against Olivia, nor was she kidnapped by B-613;  she was actually taken by another party who doesn’t want her to spill the beans about the explosion.

But by who? Who else would care about the truth remaining hidden? Even Olivia doesn’t have a clue. And to add to the dark tone of the episode finale, Papa Pope states,  “The reckoning is here.”

And leaving us feeling sorry the cold-hearted killer Charlie.

And apropos to this occasion, there’s a special performance and new song being released during Scandal from Shondaland fan Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation.

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