Recap: Scandal “Something Borrowed” The Hunt for Quinn Goes On

Scandal Season 7, Episode 7 Spoiler Alert

Quinn is still missing, and the wait is becoming hard to take. After all, she is about to give birth to her firstborn.

The episode starts just moments before the bride-to-be Quinn went missing unexplainably from QPA. We last see her on the elevator, on her way to her floor to get married, when the lights go out, and the perpetrator jumps the elevator from overhead, without revealing his identity. The team, including berated Charlie and guilt-ridden Olivia, do their best to remain calm, but the drama keeps getting worse, and all hope fades with each passing seconds. Charlie is desperate for an answer, even if it if the answer is that the love of his life has died. And his baby.

Meanwhile, Olivia shows a glimpse of conscience when she silently worries that she is responsible for Quinn’s disappearance. Jake being Jake, cool as ever continues to see the bigger picture and is concerned with information leak regarding President Rashad’s death since B-613 is responsible for his death.  The mystery is solved when Papa Pope informs Olivia, over dinner and expensive wine, that he took Quinn. Is she alive or dead?

No great surprise. It’s about the bones.

Rowan Pope once again holds the key and has found a way to control Olivia. Quinn. He knows that underneath his daughter is a loyalist.  He’s willing to return Quinn, but for it, he wants his dinosaur bones back. Olivia thinks he’s bluffing.

He warns that he’s not bluffing. However, Olivia says, “Don’t ever waste my time again.”Olivia calls the B613 center and places a level 5 , Shoot to Kill on her father’s head. He twitches but doesn’t flinch. If the order doesn’t get reversed, it goes into effect twenty minutes from that moment.

The fact is that as much as Olivia cares for Quinn, she claims that she would never put Quinn before the Republic, which in light of her recent murderous actions could be the truth . She gives Rowan an ultimatum: either kill Quinn or release her. Rowan calls her bluff, and while the suspense is killing us and makes for good TV, he waits until the final seconds before leaving the room to go to another one where  Quin is imprisoned. We hear Quinn beg for mercy, then two gunshots ring out, and silence.

He returns to the room, and cooly asks her, “Do you want to see the body?” Yes, we want to see the body. Quinn and her baby better not be dead.

But at this stage of this story, we don’t believe the obvious. We don’t believe anything until proof has been laid out. The voice we heard could be of someone’s else. Quinn could be punishing Olivia. Jake could be behind all this. We just don’t know.  Poor Charlie!

But the best line of the show goes to Mellie Grant,

Nothing. No one. No men. Stand in our way.

Do you think Quinn is really dead? Unfortunately, we won’t know until Scandal returns on Jan. 18, 2018. That’s a long time to wait.

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