SNOO Smart Sleeper Keeps Baby Sleeping Soundly

Baby Bassinet rocks baby to sleep

If there’s one sector that will always be in demand, it’s most certainly the baby industry. These days, entrepreneurs and startups are coming up with innovative baby products. Even the big players are attempting to provide a higher quality of life for infants. Procter & Gamble (P&G), Kimberly-Clark and Johnson & Johnson are the biggest organizations in the industry offering items such as baby wipes, diapers, baby care solutions and toys. P&G makes up 43% of the worldwide market share while Kimberly-Clark and Johnson & Johnson float around the 20% range. Private labels are the most frequently purchased brands making Huggie’s Natural Care by Kimberly-Clark the 2nd largest baby wipe provider in the U.S. Additionally, baby safety products are a big deal for concerned parents. Munchkin’s safety accessories made nearly $50 million in sales last year and hold the largest chunk of its market share. Other than that, baby topical and skin products remain to be Johnson & Johnson’s cup of tea and supply Americans with the most popular baby powders and shampoos on the market. In the near future, the global baby care market is predicted to reach an even higher degree of total sales value and is on an upward trend.

With that being said, the SF-based startup, SNOO, has been gaining some serious coverage for their latest smart crib. Inspired by the techniques practiced by famous Swiss pediatrician, Harvey Karp, he and a team of brilliant designers and engineers created a state of the art baby crib. Karp has been recognized for his ‘5 S’s’ standing for: Swaddle, Side-stomach, Shush, Swing, Suck. It is these 5 magic ingredients that can soothe any colicky child to a better night’s sleep and were integrated into the design of the SNOO. But the baby isn’t the only one gaining relief. Karp mentioned overlooked issues associated with a fussy baby saying, “Lack of sleep and exhausted parents lead to billions of dollars of healthcare costs from postpartum depression, infant sleep deaths, and car accidents.” It would seem that SNOO’s smart crib doesn’t just solve domestic problems but has potential to tackle bigger social issues as well. Karp recently revealed the SNOO at the American Academy of Pediatrics Conference in San Francisco on October 22nd.

SNOO was originally co-designed by a group of engineers led by Deb Roy, Director of MIT Media Lab’s Laboratory for Social Machines, and Designer of Jawbone, Yves Béhar. Focused on infants up to 6 months of age, the crib’s sounds and motions emulate what it’s like to be in a mother’s womb. It’s designed to soothe a baby in a minute or less with its ‘sleep sack’ for swaddling and to assure that the infant doesn’t roll over on their stomach. The SNOO has been tested on over 200 babies to date and successfully reduced crying and improved sleeping patterns in infants less than 4 months of age. It comes with a mobile app that enables users to turn the crib on and off along with overriding the device’s default functions. With a price tag of $1,160, SNOO allows parents to fall asleep at night knowing their newborn is receiving the best sleeping experience available. You can purchase it at the official Happiest Baby website.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Fits all. Includes three swaddle sizes
  • Could prevent baby crib death. Prevents baby from rolling over
  • Options. Can operate manually or through smartphone app
  • Sound system. Built-in speaker for white noise
  • Decor. Elegant design
  • Safe, smart cable management system
  • A good investment. Durable cloth designed to last 10 million cycles!
  • Secure. System won’t operate unless the swaddle is secure


  • Sound system. Levels of sound and motion require some fine-tuning
  • Cost.$1,600.
  • Longevity. May only be able to use it for the first six months since your child will outgrow it. Not adjustable.
  • Cannot adjust intensity to child’s needs beyond distinct levels

The two biggest cons are the price and the longevity of its use. It’s expensive. At the time of this review, it cost $1160.00. Obviously, not in everyone’s budget. The other one is that you may only be able to use it for six months as the child may outgrow it.

Who do you know that would benefit from this product? Don’t you wish this item was on the market when your kid was still a baby?

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10 Secure
10 Design
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